Video: How To Get Free McDonald’s

In the no-nonsense video titled “Free McDonald’s,” Perth, Australia natives and YouTube masters Children of Poseidon (Cactus Body Slam, anybody?) teach us how to steal fast food.

1. Fumble for your wallet at the first window.

2. Tell them you’ll pay at the second.

3. Take the food and drive off.

Jennifer Aniston is a Brita Filter, Really

Jennifer aniston salad tosserYou may find yourself wondering what’s going on with the cast of Friends these days, well, Courtney Cox is looking like Cher’s grandma who bought plastic surgery in the back of a joint tortilla and pizza cart in Mexico City…

Matthew Perry is filling the void of another cancelled show by talking about why Chandler Bing’s eye bags were deeper than Crater Lake. Lisa Kudrow is being awesome, swimming in yogurt money and preparing for a third season of Web Therapy to air on Showtime (Matt LeBlanc’s doing the same with Episodes).

But what’s the most famous alumn up to? LET ME TELL YOU. Jennifer Aniston just gave an interview with New York Magazine where she called her body a “purified system” that rejects bad food.

Aniston explained that her organic body reacted to a Big Mac as if it were gasoline. “I think what you put in your body, as well as stress, is reflected in the quality of your skin,” she said.  Continue reading “Jennifer Aniston is a Brita Filter, Really”

Prayers, Answered: McDonald’s Considering Serving Breakfast All Day

Egg McMuffin I may need a few seconds to catch my breath. Screaming over McDonald’s possibly making delicious Egg McMuffins available 24/7 is hard work after all.

You know my Xbox-playing night owl ass can’t ever wake up in time to actually leave the house for Mickey D’s before 10:30 a.m. The very idea is simply preposterous.

I’m not a God-fearing woman, but I may become one, because in the future, I may very well be able to crawl out of bed at noon or when-the-hell ever I very well please and still indulge in cheesy, high-calorie goodness.

McDonald’s prez and CEO Don Thompson just talked to CNBC about expanding the company and competing with other chains, adding that he would definitely “consider” serving breakfast across the day.

Continue reading “Prayers, Answered: McDonald’s Considering Serving Breakfast All Day”

Burger King Menu Looks McFamiliar

Yesterday was a big day for fast-food-chain-of-the-past Burger King. No less than twelve menu items were added, which is the greatest amount since its opening in 1954.

Several new types of salads (like Chicken Apple and Chicken BLT) plus frappes, smoothies, seven-lettuce snack wraps (WTF) and breakfast burritos are among the choices.  Continue reading “Burger King Menu Looks McFamiliar”