The Closest Thing You’ll See To A Justin Bieber Hate Crime

For Complex Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue they put Justin Bieber on the cover, no big thang there besides the fact that he’s covered in blood, bruises and steak meat.

Whether the people behind this hate him, want attention or truly think this is artistic doesn’t matter to me. It’s Justin Bieber, beat to a pulp. It’s not real but a girl can dream. Their excuse?

“Pop stardom is a contact sport, but at age 18 Justin Bieber knows how to roll with the punches. Believe that.” Hmm, doesn’t look like he’s good at rolling with anything except letting his assistant slide his tiny legs through a pair of loose purple jeans.  Continue reading “The Closest Thing You’ll See To A Justin Bieber Hate Crime”

Connie Britton Delicately Eat Brains On ‘American Horror Story’

On Tuesday’s episode six of FX’s American Horror Story, Vivien Harmon (Britton) ate a brain for dinner. Ryan Murphy went all Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom without the campy humor. It was a very serious moment.

Yes, after a long day of bustling Julie off to school and consoling her husband, the Friday Night Lights coach, Tami Taylor likes to sit down and relax with a tantalizing bowl of brains.

That wiley red-headed maid set the dish in front of a pregnant Ms. Harmon, and she ate it, raw, with a little pepper and a vague look of curiosity. Supposedly, this dish is good for women who are with child, so I suggest Beyonce try it, on Kanye.

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Mischa’s Meaty Photo Shoot

This is basically the only thing meaty about Mischa Barton, despite weight gain rumors, she’s pretty damn frail and withery. Anyway, Tyler Shields, who photographed Heather Morris with a fake black eye earlier this year, has done it again.

Shields, who came under fire from women’s rights groups for the Heather Morris Pics, is now being scrutinized by PETA. What a surprise.

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