Paula Deen is Martin Luther Rosa King Parks Compared to Mel Gibson and Others

Paula Deen black friendPaula Deen is not only being fired from the Food Network, but also having her products “phased out” by Sears, Home Depot, QVC, Kmart and Walgreens for admitting that she has used the N-word in the past has me thinking about related celebrity scandals.

For instance, how bad is this when compared to comedians like Michael Richards using the N-word multiple times in a recorded stand-up show or Daniel Tosh making rape jokes at a heckler’s expense?

Then there’s Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington, perhaps the most similar to Paula Deen because the questionable word he was said to have uttered wasn’t caught on camera until he stupidly told a Golden Globes press room “No, I did not call T.R. [Knight, his Grey’s co-star] a f*ggot.”  Continue reading “Paula Deen is Martin Luther Rosa King Parks Compared to Mel Gibson and Others”

Kristen Stewart and Tom Cruise are the Shiftiest Minxes in Hollywood

Kristen Stewart frustratedKristen Stewart is the quiet girl in the corner who scribbles your name in a death note, according to a Reader’s Digest poll that required 1,000 people to vote on which actors and actresses they trust the least.

Tom Cruise, the whacky homeschooled boy who befriends you so he can probe your ass with pointy alien artifacts, also topped the list of untrustworthy names in Hollywood.

In the realm of meaningless popularity contests that I don’t trust, I’d say this list ranks pretty high.

Not trusting someone because of their religion is like not trusting someone because they’re gay. Worried Tom Cruise will jump on a sofa and lure you into his spaceship? How about you just NOT become a Scientologist.

Kristen Stewart was hated long before she cheated on Robert Pattinson. She’s a monster because she’s shy, can’t walk in heels, and has been known to complain about fame.

Why the f*ck isn’t Mel Gibson on this list? He’s racist, sexist and anti-semitic…  Continue reading “Kristen Stewart and Tom Cruise are the Shiftiest Minxes in Hollywood”

Lucky Lindsay Lohan Getting ‘Help’ From Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson

Lindsay Lohan role modelsLindsay Lohan has the luck of a toad stuffed in a mailbox with a handful of lit fireworks, so it’s good that she has helpful people like Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Michael Lohan in her life.

After learning that Lindsay owed quite a hefty sum ($233,904) to the IRS, who have seized her bank accounts, Sheen reportedly offered Lindsay $100,000 after getting close with her on the set of Scary Movie 5. That sort of makes sense, I guess. Mel Gibson telling Extra that he “may” help Lindsay makes less sense, except that he must relate to being disliked.

Forget washed-up actors with misplaced paternal feelings! Actual father Michael Lohan has weighed in. “Where is all her money going?” he said in his usual opinionated-but-innocent-bystander type of way.  Continue reading “Lucky Lindsay Lohan Getting ‘Help’ From Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson”

They May Take Our Lives, But They Can Never Take Our BREADSTICKS!

In Touch Weekly reports that Mel Gibson gave a waiter at Madeo in West Hollywood $100 dollars to go to a separate establishment and bring back some breadsticks because they didn’t serve them on weekends. (This was on February 24)

Apparently Gibson likes sticks of delicious butter, flour and yeast nearly as much as he likes offending people. That’s the great thing about Mel, he’s an equal-opportunity discriminator. Women, blacks, gays, Jews, cops, Mayans, Russians, beavers. Everyone’s a target.

But not breadsticks. You’ll never hear him yelling “What do you think you’re looking at, SaltyBits?” at his one true edible love. (I apologize for the bad sugartits pun and Braveheart pic, couldn’t help myself)

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Mel Gibson’s Troublesome Next Project

Mel Gibson, in what you’d think was a ploy to prove that he’s not anti-semitic, is making another movie that focuses on the struggles of the Jewish community.

Gibson is teaming up with the well-known screenwriter Joe Eszterhas to produce a film about Jewish warrior Judah Maccabee ,who attributed greatly to the defeat of the Greek/Syrian armies in second century B.C.

Turns out Mel’s been vying for this project for over ten years, and finally snagged it…

So, it’s not an attempt to repent, it’s just another horrible movie about people of different nationalities dying.

This project will most likely just be another Passion Of The Christ, where Mel portrayed Jewish people as sniveling, cowardly monsters that lacked the depth of highway potholes

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