Two Shirtless Chili Peppers, Manning Memes and Other Super Bowl Revelations

Bruno Mars Red hot chili peppersBruno Mars’ highly energetic albeit short Super Bowl performance silenced critics on Sunday and was definitely the best, most memorable thing to come from the event.

There were bets on how many Peppers would be wearing shirts, and you’d be absolutely frankentarded to not guess two, seeing as Anthony and Flea are as likely to be shirtless as Peyton Manning is to be as stiff in the passing pocket as a corpse that overdosed on Viagra.

A map showing who was rooting for who during the big game has surfaced, showing that a staggering majority of Americans (besides in Oregon, Washington and Alaska) were crying disappointed tears into their hot wings, pizza and beer last night.  Continue reading “Two Shirtless Chili Peppers, Manning Memes and Other Super Bowl Revelations”

Man Proposes To Girlfriend Using Imgur, Reddit and DeviantART

Game of thrones proposal meme ringSome really sweet, really progressive guy (Reddit user name: SirTechnocracy) asked his live-in girlfriend to marry him using an album of handmade memes on Imgur, plus 18 drawings of proposals he commissioned from DeviantART, one for each month they’ve been together.

LadyTechnocracy responded to raised eyebrows over the unconventional (*creative*) method by saying “This is honestly the most romantic thing someone has ever done for me. The advice animals crack me up.”

Awww. The internet used properly, without fetish porn or hateful trolls? You crazy kids give me hope.

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [1-6-13]

Honey Boo Boo memesHoney Boo Boo‘s mom already has a trust fund set up for all five of her daughters. (TMZ)

New Kurt Cobain documentary will “reflect his spirit,” is Courtney-approved. (NME)

Snooki will answer your tan pickle parenting questions every week. (Celebuzz)

Huge list of actors in talks for The Next Aveengers Guardians of the Galaxy roles. (G4)

M.I.A. album with “Bad Girls” delayed for being “too positive.” (Pop Dust)

Nadya Octomom Suleman back on welfare after overpriced rehab stint. (Evil Beet)

Megan Fox‘s parents were in a barbershop quartet and the Amish Mafia. (Daily Mail)