Sassy Men Dancing to Beyonce are the Cure to Your Bad Day

Watch and learn, ladies, these three fabulous men dancing at the speed of freshly-fed Hummingbirds to Beyonce’s greatest hits in high heels without breaking a sweat are the hottest thing since croissant-crust Hot Pockets.

You can thank French Britain’s Got Talent finalist Yanis Marshall (in the red and black shorts) for the choreography and equally animated back-up dancers, Arnaud and Mehdi, for the support. Beyonce’s legal team is seeking $2 million in stolen thunder.
Yanis Marshall beyonce
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If You Can’t Figure Out If He’s ‘Into You’ From These Texts, You’re Beyond Help is a website for women that is supposed to help them decipher confusing texts from men.

Visitors can comment on the texts and also vote that he’s “not into you” “into you” or “the verdict is still out.”

The page confirms my already-confirmed fears about both genders: men are extremely aloof and women are extremely blind to their aloofness.

One girl’s text reads “It was cool hanging out,” so he says “Yea if you’re out tonight, bring Ali?” The woman has indicated that her friend and his friend were both there, but now he’s asking specifically to bring this Ali girl…  Continue reading “If You Can’t Figure Out If He’s ‘Into You’ From These Texts, You’re Beyond Help”

Worst Dressed Man Of 2011, Jared Leto Or Chris Brown?

 Thank you GQ UK! They say Chris Brown is the worst dressed man child in the whole world and I couldn’t agree more. For best dressed they list Tinie Tempah and a bunch of people I’ve heard of even less, besides Robert Pattinson.

It brings me great pleasure to present you with these lovely examples of Chris’s prowess as a style icon for people who shop exclusively at Foot Locker, Zumiez and the Liberace thrift store.  Continue reading “Worst Dressed Man Of 2011, Jared Leto Or Chris Brown?”

Nicki Minaj Prefers Lippy Paupers To Cocky Princes

In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine Nick Minaj let the world know that men who try to blow her mind and say they’re the best at this moment in life with their super blazin’ wallets make her dungeon dragon sad.

Enough snarling Minajian song references, this is serious business. Nicki says:

“I may be smiling in their face, but my antenna is up…When they’re trying to show off their cash or their watch, it’s an immediate turn-off.”

Then she put her pink shoe in her mouth a little bit by spouting a little too much confidence, kind of like those same guys who flaunt their benjamins to her:

“I’m around millionaires and athletes every day who think, ‘All I need to do is get in a room with Nicki Minaj’ and they’re gonna leave with my number…You can’t run game on a rapper. I’m always 10 steps ahead of you.”

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Men Who Cheat Are More Likely To Fracture Their Dongs

According to My Health News Daily, men who participate in extramarital affairs are more likely to incur injuries to their penises. Karma or coincidence?

Urologist Dr. Andrew Kramer, a researcher at University of Maryland conducted a study revealing that men who frequently suffered penile fractures were commonly having sex in bizarre locations.

Locations such as elevators, bathrooms, cars, work, or outdoors…

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Study Shows Fatherhood Lowers Testosterone

A study conducted by Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois shows that testosterone levels lower in men who become fathers.

Researcher Lee Gettler says,

“Men are, to a certain degree, hardwired to take care of their kids…this is important because traditional models of human evolution have portrayed women as the gatherers that take care of the kids and stay behind.”

In the meantime, women’s estrogen levels skyrocket during pregnancy, but after the kid is born the man loses some testosterone and turns into a lady too? Hot.

The experiment was tested out on 465 different men for the Cebu Longitude Health and Nutrition Survey in the Phillippines…

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