If You Only Read Two Tributes To Lou Reed…

Lou Reed black and whiteA hoard of celebrities, some of whom knew the late rock legend Lou Reed, who passed away on Sunday in Long Island after battling liver disease, and some who didn’t, have tweeted and blogged kind words acknowledging his legacy.

Out of all those words, including some by Morrissey, David Bowie and Reed’s bandmate, The Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale, the ones written by Metric’s Emily Haines and journalist Legs McNeil (Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk) touched me most.

“The first time I sang ‘Perfect Day’ for him, Lou said, ‘You have to bring more pain to it. You’re not singing about a fucking picnic,'” Haines, who collaborated with Reed on her latest albumwrote in a piece featured on Rolling Stone.

“In his last message to me, Lou wrote, ‘I’m so sorry Emily I would’ve if I could have but I’m a little under the weather but I love you,” she concluded in reference to a cancelled duet at Coachella.  Continue reading “If You Only Read Two Tributes To Lou Reed…”

Video: Metric – “Breathing Underwater”

I can tolerate the laziness of a concert footage music video when it’s by my favorite band. And Metric is just that. What I really like about them is their staying power and willingness to evolve.

“Breathing Underwater” was a predictable single – it’s catchy and just broody enough to possibly capture the attention of the glittery hipsters.  Continue reading “Video: Metric – “Breathing Underwater””

Video: Metric – “Youth Without Youth”

Metric‘s “Youth Without Youth” may be my least favorite single they’ve ever released, but that doesn’t make it bad. Especially not when compared to well, 75% of what plays on top 40 stations.

As of today it is number 16 on the Billboard Alternative Song charts. If it doesn’t continue upwards from there, that old lady in the video with the shotgun will surely come after ALL OF YOU.  Continue reading “Video: Metric – “Youth Without Youth””

Metric’s New ‘Synthetica’ Album Will Be About Everything

Besides revealing the title, the simplistic but potentially epic “Synthetica,” which seems like it could have been their last album’s title, frontlady Emily Haines has written more about the CD’s content on the band’s website.

They’ve included a countdown to its release date on June 11 (it is their fifth album and first since 2009) plus a vague but somehow detailed description on the best kind of depravities.

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Emily Haines Reveals New Metric Album Details

Emily Haines of the massive indie/rock band Metric revealed to Spin Magazine’s Peter Gaston that they already have 13 songs ready to mix for their upcoming fifth CD, a follow-up to their massive 2009 hit Fantasies, which had them playing arena shows and rolling in the success of songs like “Help I’m Alive” and “Gold Guns Girls.”

The enormity of their fifth effort earned them an offer to pen a track for the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack with Howard Shore – a very brave and questionable career move. The type that might cause skeptical fans to throw “sell out” digs their way…

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