Mexico’s Golden Goalkeeping God Guillermo Ochoa Keeps Brazil at Bay

The World Cup is an amazing occurrence in sports to most, full of bright colors and whizzing balls on a field the size of space which usually excites me about as much as Ron Jeremy naked on a silver platter, but Mexico’s game against Brazil on Tuesday caught my attention.

…Or at least the muted highlights (seen here in glorious Gif form) on SportsCenter did.

Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa somehow managed to keep a tie-game interesting with his trampoline legs, Mr. Fantastic arms and steel chest. He’s The Avengers, Justice League and the Guardians of the Galaxy combined.  Continue reading “Mexico’s Golden Goalkeeping God Guillermo Ochoa Keeps Brazil at Bay”

GIF: Skrillex KNOCKED OUT in Mexico

The man responsible for popularizing dubstep ran straight into a large and heavy piece of equipment on stage in Mexico City during 2012’s Mothership Tour. (Whomp whomp whomp / Bangarang?)

As Uproxx pointed out, it’s a great video whether you love or hate the genre because it’s humanly impossibly not to laugh at people when they fall straight on their ass in such a slip-of-the-peel type of way.

(I personally don’t hate Skrillex. Ellie Goulding gave him the time of day so he must not be that bad…)

Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy

Mexico barbie 2013Mattel’s latest batch of “Dolls of the World” Barbies are causing controversy. Specifically, the Mexican version, with her passport and Chihuahua friend.

Others might say that all of the dolls in the collection (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Holland, India, Ireland, China and Australia) are uniquely stereotypical, but not offensive.

They all come with passports, and each one is dressed in an outfit and accompanied by a pet that you would typically associate with that country. Holland Barbie for instance, wears wooden shoes. China Barbie holds a panda, India Barbie a monkey, etc.

Here’s a statement from Mattel, released to Huffington Post after the backlash:  Continue reading “Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy”

Demi Moore Laps Up Mud and Younger Men at Bikini Boot Camp

Demi Moore MudAccording to Radar/Star, Demi Moore spent her Christmas vacation in Mexico at “Amansala’s Bikini Bootcamp.”

Amansala’s BBC is an eco-chic (yes, that’s a thing) resort that incorporates activities like yoga, mud-baths, Zumba, meditation, heathy eating and circuit training into your daily routine.

Sounds like a nightmare, but it’s all true. Questionable Star Magazine part ahead….

“A guest” told the publication she was cougar-ing it up, ignoring the scarce selection of fifty-somethings for the 28 to 33 year-olds, all while using the discreet summer camp counselor-style codename “Topper.”  Continue reading “Demi Moore Laps Up Mud and Younger Men at Bikini Boot Camp”

Minka Kelly May Or May Not Be Underage In New Sex Tape

Because of the release date of a Brandy album, people think The Roommate/Charlie’s Angels actress Minka Kelly is underage in a new 30-minute sex tape obtained by TMZ.

Kelly is seen singing and dancing in Mexico to two songs from the Brandy album Never Say Never, released June 8, 1998. That’s 16 days before she turned 18.

So, some people want to play detective Sherlock Horntoad because they’re afraid of being aroused by the yet-to-be-released video of a potential minor? I mean, people have been known to listen to CDs more than two weeks after they come out…

But, if she is underage, the sleazy ex-boyfriend who’s trying to shop this thing around will receive zero dollars and her reputation will remain relatively untarnished because the tape will never see the light of day.  Continue reading “Minka Kelly May Or May Not Be Underage In New Sex Tape”

Alexis Neiers Met Her Husband In AA

Pretty Wild star and member of the infamous Hollywood Hills burglars, Alexis Neiers, is disregarding the rule of not dating within AA.

She is newly wed, and met her Canadian husband in a group for addicts.

“We met in Alcoholics Anonymous, he’s six years sober,” she told E! News. “When I first came into the room, I was such a mess and I remember him staring at me from across the way. He kept his distance.”

After attending therapy for several months and returning to meetings, her future boytoy Evan Haines noticed the difference. “I came back and he saw the consciousness shift that I had developed. He asked me out for a month before I finally said yes.”  Continue reading “Alexis Neiers Met Her Husband In AA”

Mexico City Trades Wi-Fi For Dog Turds

The internet company Terra, which operates out of the U.S. and 16 Spanish-speaking countries, has come up with an eco-friendly if not eccentric idea – a receptacle that distributes Wi-Fi minutes in exchange for dog waste.

Ten parks in Mexico City already have special garbage cans that encourage people to clean up after their pets by calculating the weight of the items disposed thus providing everyone in range with free internet.

The more crap you collect, the more minutes you and your fellow dog walkers get. Of course, there’s nothing stopping people from just putting trash in the can. According to Creativity Online, they’ve already anticipated this.

“The agency responsible for the program notes that while people may abuse the bins by tossing trash into them for WiFi, any action to keep the streets clean is a positive one.” Continue reading “Mexico City Trades Wi-Fi For Dog Turds”

Samantha Ronson Looks Older Than Lindsay’s Mom

Samantha Ronson and her long-time friend Nicole Richie went down to Mexico this weekend for some sun, fun, music and whatever else they have in common. A bunch of celebrity friends, I guess?

Anyway I noticed that Samantha Ronson looks older than Lindsay Lohan‘s mom, Dina, at least in this picture. Lindsay is of course Samantha’s ex. It’s just surprising that a 34 year-old…wait what???

Continue reading “Samantha Ronson Looks Older Than Lindsay’s Mom”

Keep “One Eye Closed” For CocknBullKid


And now, a video from my favorite spicy British songstress. Anita Blay a.k.a. CocknBullKid (yes har har har I said “cock”) Keep giggling, until you watch this video. It’s like Donnie Darko, if Frank from Donnie Darko had been less menacing and had an urge to sing to people.

Check out CocknBullKid’s full-length debut album Adulthood. Highlights are “Asthma Attack,” “Hold On To Your Misery,” “Mexico…” Oh wait. ALL the songs on this album are good. “Hoarder” should clearly be opted for a certain reality show.

For fans of: Ellie Goulding, Noisettes, Robyn