Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [1-5-13]

Jason Segel Michelle Williams Busy PhilippsJason Segel hangs out with girlfriend Michelle Williams and pregnant Busy Philipps . (E! Online)

Dennis Johnson had a bigger Johnson than Don Johnson, says Don Johnson. (Jezebel)

Four dead in Aurora, Colorado townhouse hostage situation. (Chicago Tribune)

Gywneth Paltrow and Chris Martin cracker dance to Rihanna and Jay-Z. (Evil Beet)

Promising MC’s Azealia Banks and Angel Haze rip into each other, and Perez. (Huffington Post)

Josh Brolin arrested on New Year’s Day in Santa Monica for public intoxication. (Celebuzz)

This Is The End an excuse for Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen to party w/ Emma Watson? (ohmyGAHH!)

Michelle Williams And Jason Segel’s Loft Is Haunted

While Michelle Williams and her beau, Jason Segel, never confided in me personally, I can tell the spirits of many jilted lovers and murdered children live in their new apartment building.

You know what set my off-brand Ghost Hunter radar off? Their loft is located inside a “converted warehouse” in Brooklyn. Warehouse, tuberculosis ward, psychiatric hospital, orphanage, Haddonfield, it’s all the same.

The article that helped me realize this is titled “Michelle Williams exclusive: Oscar-nominated star and Jason Segal move in together – as she leaves the home she shared with tragic Heath Ledger.”

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Michelle Williams Is In The New Silent Hill Movie?

You’d be 100% right in second guessing me when I say that Michelle Williams is in Silent Hill Revelation 3D, because she’s a credible actress (then again, so is Milla Jovovich) who probably has too much integrity to accept such a meatless role.

If you saw the trailer you also wouldn’t be wrong in assuming the main character is played by Williams.

In actuality, the mysterious woman who stole Michelle’s face is Adelaide Clemens, an Australian actress who starred in the little known but critically acclaimed television series Love My Way and had a very small part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as “carnival girl.” Continue reading “Michelle Williams Is In The New Silent Hill Movie?”

Michelle Williams, Monroe-Esque For Vogue

Michelle Williams, of Dawson’s Creek and Brokeback Mountain fame, appears in the October 2011 issue of Vogue Magazine channeling Marilyn Monroe.

She talks about her new movie, My Week With Marilyn (also starring Emma Watson) and even the loss of Heath Ledger who fathered her daughter Matilda Rose Ledger.

Williams describes having to wear foam padding to replicate Monroe’s curvaceous body,

“I do remember one moment of being all suited up as Monroe and walking from my dressing room onto the soundstage practicing my ‘wiggle…'”

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