Emilia Clarke and Five Other Entertainers Who Look Stunning Without Makeup

Emilia Clarke no makeup
Brunette Emilia Clarke, best known as Daenerys of House Targaryen on Game of Thrones, posted this beautiful bare-faced photo to her personal Facebook page 4/09/13.
Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna, who prefers bright lipstick to excessive foundation and eyeliner, often gives fans a glimpse of her natural self on Instagram.
Demi Lovato no makeup
The X-Factor judge and “Heart Attack” singer Demi Lovato encouraged her Twitter followers to “be brave” and take off their makeup earlier this month. Continue reading “Emilia Clarke and Five Other Entertainers Who Look Stunning Without Makeup”

Milla Jovovich’s Windy Bum-Flash Moment

Milla Jovovich, famous for nude scenes in movies, can add [almost] public nakedness to her resume.

The actress/model/singer/zombie-murderess was in New York filming an Avon perfume commercial when she suffered a momentary Marilyn Monroe moment circa The Seven Year Itch .

This is more modern, a little more exposure and some kind of string underwear that is barely visible instead of Marilyn’s high-waisted garment that Katy Perry would call “a long pair of shorts.”

Milla’s also got a new album coming out (she released her first, The Divine Comedy in 1994) and we can expect it in early fall plus a video in July for the single “Electric Sky” which will be available on iTunes May 19.  Continue reading “Milla Jovovich’s Windy Bum-Flash Moment”

The 2012 Elitist Pirelli (Naked Model) Calendar

You peasants may ask “what is a Pirelli calendar?” And I would reply, oh, only a month-by-month collection of extremely exclusive artistic photos of nude celebrities and models.

I actually do fall into the peasant category because I had no idea what it was either until I read about it on Evil Beet. It has apparently been in circulation since 1964.

“Circulation” is the wrong word, since it is hardly mass produced. Each year a few hundred (300?) are printed and once finished, sit in an armored truck until they are sent out to royalty and a select few fashion VIPs and celebrities. (It’s not sold anywhere, so don’t bother) Click “read more” for NSFW art/porn/erotica/anorexia fetish heaven…

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Milla Jovovich: Being Saintly And Posing For S Moda

Milla’s getting ready for the release of Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth installment of the zombie franchise. After a platform collapsed and injured 16 extras in Toronto while working on the film, Milla personally visited one of them in the hospital.

She wrote on her Twitter“just saw akiko (who goes by April btw) and she’s in a lot of pain. She injured her back. Thank god she’s moving her hands and feet and not in critical condition. She’s a piano player. Her brother plays the violin. Continue reading “Milla Jovovich: Being Saintly And Posing For S Moda”