Jessica Simpson Poses in the Bathroom Mirror After Drinking too Much Beer

Jessica Simpson pregnant bikiniI like to think of this photo of Jessica Simpson as a sequel to the one of her on the toilet.

You all know how I feel about pregnant women, and this one, a bikini-clad Jessica in the mirror pursing her lips together like she’s about to blow 5,0000 candles out on a cake that happens to be inside a paper mill, is no exception.

And even though I know I could fit a cup of Chili and a Frosty from Wendy’s inside that belly button, I’m not going to say anything mean. Anything else that’s mean.

I’d be just as annoyed if it were a partially naked non-pregnant woman taking her own picture with a bejeweled iPhone in the bathroom (no I wouldn’t).

The Time Ben Affleck Knocked A Mirror Off Someone’s Car And Left A Note

Remember the short-lived VH1 show Celebrity Eye CandyIt was mainly just a funny guy singing songs and explaining photos of celebrities doing everyday things like going to the grocery store or falling onto the sidewalk in a puddle of vodka-scented vomit.

This photo of Ben Affleck leaving a note on a car he knocked the mirror off of during a Saturday drive around Santa Monica, reminds me of the show.

If only I had a clever song to sing about the woman or man who now has Ben’s phone number, which he left on the note along with his name. Scratch that, change to: if only TMZ hadn’t blacked out his contact information.  Continue reading “The Time Ben Affleck Knocked A Mirror Off Someone’s Car And Left A Note”

Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter IV Album Review

Lil’ Wayne‘s been at it since the late 90’s when he was 15 and in the rap group The Hot Boys. He a classic example of a musical workaholic, he needs the spotlight like Lindsay needs a fifth. It comes as no surprise that his latest Tha Carter IV was announced for release out of nowhere, when fans had not been expecting it for months.

The album was meant to come out at midnight, tonight after the MTV Video Music Awards, but was leaked onto various torrent websites a few days ago. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Weezy is no stranger to leaks, he’s been a favorite target for internet pirates since Tha Carter III, and everything in between…

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