LeBron James Has a Six Pack

LeBron James six pack LeBron James is having a great week. A few days after posting a picture of his 28-year-old abs murdering the weight room, Kobe Bryant murdered his 34-year-old Achilles’ heel along with his career.

Arch rival and five-time NBA championship winner Bryant wrote that he was “Lookin like Mrs Doubtfire with a jerri curl cap” right before entering surgery.

Mrs. Doubtfire in a shower cap or LeBron in the gym? Tough choice.

Well, Adele Does Have a Lot in Common With Mrs. Doubtfire

When Adele first burst onto the scene we all recognized that she was a tremendous talent with a knack for shaming her exes with soul, but what we failed to recognize was her resemblance to Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Oh the things you didn’t know were missing from your life. A new blog on Tumblr called What if Adele was Mrs. Doubtfire has finally brought it to our attention. The site has Adele on Euphegenia’s body and then Doubtfire’s face on Adele’s body, which is hilarious because Adele does tend to dress and carry herself like an elderly British nanny.

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Funny Video: Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut)

Everybody’s favorite movie about a man who dresses up like an old lady to see his kids has been recut to look like a horror movie, which makes perfect sense to me.

I think it scared me a little in 1993, seeing as I was nine years old. At that age, it wasn’t far off from The Crying Game. The creator  of this trailer, Peter Javidpour, confirms it.  Continue reading “Funny Video: Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut)”