Here Are Justin Bieber’s Muscles and Armpit Hairs, You’re Not Welcome

Justin Bieber posted this photo of him flexing on Instagram the other day. I don’t know if you’ve ever read or seen The Borrowers, but that’s what it reminds me of.

It’s about these super tiny people who go around stealing things from full-grown humans. They’d take thimbles, clothespins, spools of thread and food crumbs, kind of like how Justin stole these muscles from an amateur pinweight boxer.

Here’s a bonus picture of him with Young Money artist Lil’ Twist. Less armpit hair, same douchery.

Hugh Jackman Adjusts Wetsuit On Bondi Beach

Three X-Men movies and a spinoff later, and Hugh Jackman is still quite a specimen. Here he is, taking his bulging muscles for a swim on Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia with his wife and two children.

But who cares about his children? It’s sweet that he’s teaching them to boogie board, but I’m too busy wondering where I would end up if I pressed his veins onto a piece of paper and used it as a map.

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Funny Video: Old Spice Muscle Music

Here’s a really silly video of new old spice guy Terry Crews (SO GOOD as Lonny on The Newsroom) making sweet sweet music with his pectoral muscles, thighs, and more.

DID YOU KNOW that he played defense for the Packers, Rams, Chargers, Redskins and Eagles and always wanted to be in the movie business, either acting or doing special effects for sci-fi films?

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Perez Hilton, No Longer A Fatty Fatty Boom Boom

Perez Hilton’s weight loss has been chronicled since 2008, previously by Perez himself and In Touch weekly.

He told the magazine that he slimmed down by simply walking and incorporating a healthier diet.

“I began by just eating healthy, and a month later, I started to incorporate a little bit of exercise – just walking for about 30 minutes a day – and then I became motivated to do more and more.”

“I have two trainers who I work out with in the gym Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays I do Pilates, Sundays I do yoga, and I also do spinning.”  Continue reading “Perez Hilton, No Longer A Fatty Fatty Boom Boom”