Little Justin Bieber LOVED Using the N-Word

racist justin bieber video stillWe the blissfully ignorant public have recently learned that between at least the ages of 14 and 15, Justin Bieber had a VERY strong affinity for the n-word…

In two separate videos obtained by TMZ and The Sun, we see a young chuckling Biebs telling a black joke involving a chainsaw and singing the popular church hymn “One Less Lonely N*gger.”

Literally, if I could dip into Justin Bieber’s swear jar I COULD AFFORD TO HIRE AN ASSASSIN TO KILL JUSTIN BIEBER and still be richer than my friends.  Continue reading “Little Justin Bieber LOVED Using the N-Word”

Chevy Chase Said The N-Word While Making A Point About Not Saying It?

Chevy Chase, apparently fed with his small-minded character on the set of Community, said something like “What’s next? Am I gonna say the word ni**er?”

Later Chase apologized to the cast and crew and is probably not an actual racist since he reportedly once marched in the civil rights movement.

But when is it okay to say the n-word, if ever?

I don’t think white people should say it at all unless maybe they’re doing a live reading of Huckleberry Finn to an understanding adult audience.

And in that context, there’s a deeper point about racism and the meaning in general.  Continue reading “Chevy Chase Said The N-Word While Making A Point About Not Saying It?”

Paula Deen And Brother Accused Of Bigotry

In new lawsuit filed by Lisa Jackson, a former employee of Paula Deen Enterprises and Bubba Hiers claims that the Food Network star and her brother unabashedly threw around racist and sexist remarks.

Jackson was hired in 2007 to cater Bubba Hiers’s wedding, and later taken on as GM of Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House in Georgia. At the wedding, after being asked about the catering staff’s attire, Paula supposedly said:

“Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around.” 

Bubba Hiers reportedly said that Barack Obama should be sent to the Gulf Of Mexico to “n**er rig” it.

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