Princess of Pop Working On ‘Personal,’ ‘Unexpected’ New Album

Scream and Shout BritneyBritney Spears‘ recording schedule has always been a bit erratic. She churned out an album for each of the first three years of her career, taking a breather after Britney (2001) and then In The Zone (2003) to get married, have kids, shave the old noggin’ and keep a watchful eye on Fanta and beef jerky sales at the gas station.

She returned for Blackout (2007, infamous “Gimme More” dance at the VMAs) and Circus (2008), then took a nearly three-year break before releasing Femme Fatale.

A Q&A with fans on Twitter indicates that a whole new CD full of Britney’s breathy “oohs” will actually come out sometime this year! Continue reading “Princess of Pop Working On ‘Personal,’ ‘Unexpected’ New Album”

New Girl In A Coma CD, Coming in November!

[Video, “Walking After Midnight,” from 2010’s Adventures in Coverland, directed by bassist Jenn Alva]

I just got back from seeing The Go-Gos on their Ladies Gone Wild tour with none other than one of my favorite Texas indie outfits, Girl In A Coma, named after a Smiths’ song and signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart record label.

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