A New Degrassi Season Is Just Around The Corner!

Don’t even think about questioning me for watching Degrassi. I love teen dramas as much as the next lady and there are NONE on American television except, what, 9021, the college-age kids of Gossip Girl? No.

I want something with a semblance to the original Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C. or early Degrassi: The Next Generation seasons. All that’s left is a gutted version of that and lemme tell you, IT’LL DO. Continue reading “A New Degrassi Season Is Just Around The Corner!”

Daria May Be Returning To MTV? Gasp.


After the definite return of Beavis And Butthead, with preview footage and an October air date scheduled, people are wondering if there is achance for a Daria reunion. And you’ll be thrilled to know that there is certainly a chance.

At the Television Conference Critics Association panel for Beavis And Butthead on July 29th, Van Toffler, the president of MTV Networks Music Group was asked about a possible new season of Daria. He responded by saying,

“Daria still airs on MTV2 and Logo now and it’s done quite well on both…We’ve talked to the creators and there’s not as long a shot as you might think that Daria might be back on one of our channels.”

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