Help Me Decipher Lindsay Lohan’s New Tattoo Before My Head Explodes and I Turn To Mush

Lindsay Lohan triangle tattooI dream of a world where you can’t throw a stone and hit three Lindsay Lohan stories in a single day. In that world I’m out of the job, but it’s still a nice thought. Until then, we can talk about Lindsay’s new tattoo…

Her latest ink is a red triangle and words that I think say “What dreams may close,” though the popular guess is “What dreams may come.” This chicken scratch obviously has something to do with the illuminati (though Perez says Scientology).

Or it’s just something Lindsay saw in a children’s book (this one?). Or she’s just a really big Robin Williams fan. We’ll never f*cking know (unless she writes about it on Twitter later).  Continue reading “Help Me Decipher Lindsay Lohan’s New Tattoo Before My Head Explodes and I Turn To Mush”

Is Lady Gaga’s New Album Called ‘ARTPOP?’

Lady Gaga posted a photo of her new “ARTPOP” arm tattoo (I’ve flipped the image so it no longer appears backwards) on Twitter, and the words “new ink new album.”

On her new social networking site the photo was accompanied by a different message, “We could, we could belong together. ARTPOP.”

This is her fifth tattoo, and since we all know the story behind the ink on her left thigh (“Born This Way” and a unicorn), is it safe to assume that Artpop is the name of her third album? There’s a strong possibility, but I care less about the name and more about the theme. I’m hoping for less greasy Jesus-y ex-boyfriends in corn fields and more disco sticks.  Continue reading “Is Lady Gaga’s New Album Called ‘ARTPOP?’”