Video: Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup at Last Minute!

I hate to sound like the “TV TV sports sports” people over at Microsoft, but the Chicago Blackhawks taking the lead tonight over the Boston Bruins and winning the Stanley Cup with two goals in the final minute and 16 seconds of the game was pretty amazing. 

Sadly, I wasn’t watching because I don’t have a horse in the race and have worshipped at the altar of the Edmonton Oilers since I discovered that hockey was the best spectator sport ever. 

This is the franchise’s fifth championship win. Other years included 1934, 1938, 1961 and 2010.

Drake Will Perform At NHL All-Star Game In Ottawa

Fear not, hockey fans and attendees of the 2012 Tim Horton’s NHL All-Star Game, bratty Alex Ovechkin may be absent because his “heart is not there” due to his suspension but Drake will be with his adorable hair and smile. (If only he’d refrain from singing)

Drake, Javier Colon (winner of The Voice) and about 50 notable hockey players all in one room. If you happen to have tickets to the thing, which takes place in Ottawa you’re a lucky kid.

I have to chuckle a little at the ignorance of Popdust’s headline “Drake To Get In Touch With His Roots At NHL All-Star Game.” Cause all Canadians like hockey?

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Banana Thrown At NHL Player During Flyers-Red Wings Game

In an exhibition game on Thursday, September 22nd at Labatt Centre in London, Ontario, Wayne Simmonds experienced a starting jolt of racism in the form of a banana tossed his way by a member of the audience. Presumably a racist gesture.

He was in the process of preparing for a shootout, so the incident was particularly noticeable. The Philadelphia Right Wing stated to the Associated Press afterwards:

“I caught it from the side of my eye. It was a banana. Hopefully, that wasn’t directed towards me being black, because if it was, that’s just somebody being ignorant…You learn to deal with it.”

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43 Dead In KHL Hockey Plane Crash

A plane carrying members of the Russian Kontinental Hockey Team called “Lokomotiv,” crashed today. So far 43 of the 45 passengers onboard died, with 26 year-old forward Alexander Galimov and one crew member in critical condition.

Several well-known NHL hockey players were onboard, the most prominent being the Slovakian player Pavol Demitra, 36, an all-star right wing and former member of the Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues and Vancouver Canucks.

Demitra had a whopping 304 career goals and 464 assists.

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