Sky Ferreira, I Love You, But WTF is ‘Omanko’ About?

Sky Ferreira wtfI’ve been pretty into Sky Ferreira since her As If EP and since her highly anticipated full-length album Night Time, My Time just dropped, I figure I’d take a second to talk about the non-single “Omanko.”

“Omanko,” a Japanese slang word for vagina, contains only a handful of lyrics, mainly “Oh, Japanese Jesus” and “I’m gearing up for a Japanese Christmas,” officially making it one of the weirdest pop songs ever.

So now that I/we SORT of know what it’s about, the question is WHY, Sky, why?

I don’t know much about her as a person besides that she’s a favorite of Terry Richardson and industry idols like Shirley Manson, but perhaps the heroin and ecstasy arrest earlier this year can help explain the incoherent weirdness. Continue reading “Sky Ferreira, I Love You, But WTF is ‘Omanko’ About?”