Video: Nina Nesbitt – Selfies

I know I’ll come off as a total asshat saying this, but I’m not so shabby at predicting fame. Like Lana Del Rey long before SNL, Emma Stone in Superbad, Cee Lo’s “F*ck You,” Ellie Goulding, Adele…

If I was fond of leaving the house I would pursue a career as a talent scout. (But I’d probably end up handing out flyers at the mall, luring raccoon-eyed saps to my fraudulent modeling agency.)
nina nesbitt selfies still Speaking of modeling and people who should be famous, Nina Nesbitt is really great. She’s a legitimate songwriter from Scotland who had a pretty big hit in the UK called “Stay Out.”  Continue reading “Video: Nina Nesbitt – Selfies”

Video: Nina Nesbitt – “Stay Out”

Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt recently released the video for  the single “Stay Out” from her fourth EP, due April 8, 2013.

Despite not being a household name in America, Nesbitt has established quite a fanbase in the UK and on YouTube (“Boy,” released in December, already has over a million hits) and is signed to a major record label (Universal).  Continue reading “Video: Nina Nesbitt – “Stay Out””