Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [11-06-12]

YouTube trolls force No Doubt to remove “racist” “Looking Hot” video. (Evil Beet)

Cory and Topanga in potential new Boy Meets Worldthemed Disney show? (TV Line)

Those gay rumors about Joe Simpson are “ridiculous” ya’all. (TMZ)

The Carrie Diaries: a complete detachment from the character you love. (ohmyGAHH!)

Next M.I.A. CD is a combination “fuck you” AND “thank you” album. (ONTD!)

Miley Cyrus offered $1 million to appear in softcore porn with Jessie Andrews. (Daily Mail)

Joss Whedon, Christopher Nolan and Colin Trevorrow in talks to direct new Star Wars? (Celebuzz

Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down” Live At 2012 Teen Choice Awards

No Doubt has always been one of those bands that I love but have little desire to see in concert. Gwen Stefani with all her energy and style, excites about as much as Patrick Stump at a state fair.

I mean, this is colorful and fun with a few wavering ska vocals and out-of-sync guitar riffs but I’m still glad they’re back and am looking forward to Push and Shove (out September 24). Continue reading “Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down” Live At 2012 Teen Choice Awards”

Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down”

A string of singles from your favorite semi-long-lost bands came out in recent weeks. The Killers with “Runaways” (the song gives me worms), Green Day’s “Oh Love” (IBS) and my personal favorites, No Doubt and their unsurprisingly reggae-infused comeback song “Settle Down.”

They’re picking off right where they left off, with a song that feels like it fits well with their last album, 2001’s Rock Steady, and also Gwen’s two solo albums.  Continue reading “Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down””

No Doubt Will Perform At Teen Choice Awards

No Doubt‘s first album since 2001’s Rock Steady is becoming a reality.

The band has confirmed an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, July 22 and their new CD is due in September.

They have not played together live since 2009, while Gwen Stefani focused on her sweet-hollaback-harajuku-escape solo career.

Tony, Gwen, Adrian and Tom been graciously updating fans on their every move via Twitter

“Need a final sound for ‘Push & Shove’ so Tom is playing an electronic autoharp app on his iPad. Hello to the future”

“Adrian cutting new drums on ‘Easy’ as we wait for our burritos to arrive for dinner”  Continue reading “No Doubt Will Perform At Teen Choice Awards”

10 Bands That Suck Live

1. Fall Out Boy. ANY performance on Youtube of these now-defunct emo-pop rockers will prove to you that Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz should be called fall-apart-live-boy. It’s an open-ended nightmare of out-of-breath singing accompanied by mediocre guitar playing, out of sync bass and incomprehensibly bad drumming. I’ve literally seen little girls beating on buckets with spoons that sound better.

2. The Black Eyed Peas. Besides the fact that none of the four members do anything on stage except jump into the air and slap their hands together like those cymbal-banging monkey toys, Fergie’s range is horribly halted. Just check out their Superbowl performance. It’s a tragedy.

3. Ke$ha. It was proven to me finally on SNL that Ke$ha is mind-blowingly embaressing on stage. She lacks all of the charisma you experience when listening to her on CD, the robotic voice, the energy, it’s all gone in concert. All you’re left with is a blonde lion standing on stage in a spandex bodysuit that glows in the dark. Throw in some strobe lights for bad measure. It’s still not worth $60 dollars.

4. Blondie. The fact that some of the most memorable, most sampled songs belong to this iconic 80’s band doesn’t negate the fact that Deborah Harry cannot sing live, or that the band sounds looser than Octomom’s vagina. The songs “Call Me,” “One Way Or Another” and “Heart Of Glass” all play out like some above average cover band that you could see for free in a summer concert series in your local park (This is what happens when you sleep with your entire band, Debbie, no one can focus).

5. No Doubt. I love No Doubt and Gwen Stefani as much as the next person. The band is talented and so is Gwen but her live singing is really bubbly and awkward at times. She changes the whole original flow of the songs by “rapping” certain parts. In the end No Doubt disappoints in concert because you just expect so much more. Gwen needs to stop doing push-ups and focus on vocalizing.

Continue reading “10 Bands That Suck Live”