Rod Stewart Used To Have ‘Ridiculous’ Sex Noise Wars With Ronnie Wood

In his new book Rod: The Autobiography (on shelves now), playboy musician Rod Stewart discusses his marriages, children, and long career both as a solo artist and as a songwriter/singer for Jeff Beck Group. One memorable excerpt relates to former Beck bassist and current Stones guitarist Ron Wood, who Rod shared living quarters with during sexy times with groupies.

“In the dark, behind the screen, going about our fumbly business, the schoolboy gene would kick in and Woody would make a ridiculous noise, and I would make an even more ridiculous noise, and then an escalating ‘ridiculous noise’ war would break out, culminating, frequently, in one or the other of us knocking down the barrier and burying the adjacent couple in a mound of luggage and chair legs.”  Continue reading “Rod Stewart Used To Have ‘Ridiculous’ Sex Noise Wars With Ronnie Wood”