Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn And The Case Of The Naked Phone Drama

Trying to match chest snapshots to the faces of famous actresses is clearly a case for Nancy Drew and I think Nancy would say, those pictures of Christina Hendricks are probably real.

On Sunday Olivia Munn and Hendricks both suffered nude photo leaks, all at the hands of a merciless hacker. The problem is, both sets contain a few pictures of JUST BOOBS and no face which is very problematic for plagiarism sticklers. The headless ones of Munn are almost certainly fake but ginger jones is another story.

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Shaun White Has Ging Minge Pics? Say It Ain’t So

TMZ is reporting that a scandalous photo of Shaun White at a hotel party is being shopped around to various sources, in hopes of a big payday.

It depicts a naked Shaun White, in bed, on top of a woman with a big grin on his face, looking at the camera. So, it’s not just a nude photo, but a picture of Flying Tomato sex?

There are actually two pics, but one is supposedly of a fully clothed skate/snowboarder making out with the same woman. The photos were taken in 2009 just before he won a gold medal at the Winter X-Games.

“TMZ has seen the pics…let’s just say the ginger carpet matches the ginger drapes.”

Taylor Swift’s Legal Team Angered By Fake Nude Photo

Taylor Swift’s legal team reportedly sent a letter to the website Celebrity Jihad (they specialize in nude photos and sex scene footage) over a photo that the site claimed was a topless Taylor Swift.

Swift and her legal team are prepared to sue if the picture is not removed. The photo is obviously a fake, it’s merely a girl with curly blonde hair who resembles Taylor, but lacks her angular facial shape. (And dignity)

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