Kourtney Kardashian’s Health Advice – Oil Enemas

You might have tuned into season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York on E! to look for clues explaining Kim’s sudden divorce (they’re there) but little did I know I actually tuned in to watch Kourtney Kardashian get an oil enema at her favorite holistic spa. Kim was dragged along but refused to have her booty filled with liquids.

Fast-forward to later that day, we see Kourtney sprawled out on Kris and Kim’s bed, when she gets up there’s a curious stain on the sheets. Before that she’d been giving Mr. Humphries, who cannot seem to keep his shirt on, an enema lecture about ‘not knowing what all his holes are for.’

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Daryl Hannah Handcuffed

Daryl Hannah, star of Splash and Steel Magnolias was arrested today for protesting the Keystone oil pipeline that could possibly run through Canada.

The police asked her to leave at least an area outside The White House twice but she refused, later stating,

“Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom.”

It’s true too. When are government officials going to realize that we are going to run out of oil?

Putting a pipeline through Canada is one of the worst ideas ever. Pointless and rooted in the past not to mention dangerous to the environment. Fossil fuels are not a viable long-term source of energy anymore.