Most Generic Pop Culture Halloween Costume of the Year Goes to… Paris Hilton!

Paris hilton halloween costume 2013 Miley In skinny showbiz-person news NOT related to Olivia Wilde’s pregnancy, Paris Hilton got all dressed up like Miley at the VMA’s, foam finger and all, strutting her stuff across the abysmal plain known as the Los Santos Los Angeles party scene.

Paris asked her Instagram followers two daunting, life-altering questions: “Like my Miley costume?” and “Twerk of Treat?”

This is Paris’ second costume of 2013, following her even less original Barbie getup from Saturday. (I was absolutely convinced it was Honey Boo Boo for all of 5 seconds.) Maybe she could just go as herself in various stages of her life beginning with her sex tape and ending with The Simple Life, though putting a spear through her head while holding a Carl’s Jr. hamburger seems like her actual best bet in terms of crowd pleasing.

Parents Say Bikini Onesie For Babies ‘Gives People The Wrong Idea’

A father was asked his opinion by the news on this onesie that was made with 18-month-olds in mind and he replied that “it gives people the wrong idea too quickly.”

Yes, I’m sure the three-year old boys just go nuts over this. I mean, you wouldn’t want to send them the message that your two-foot-tall child is easy, would you?

This article of clothing is really made for the parents to laugh at. And since they’re laughing at their daughter (or son, even better) it is kind of inappropriate but not really “offensive…”

Not when you compare it to Toddlers & Tiaras and the fact that you can just buy your kid a real bikini, which are sold everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t buy them for my non-existent churrens but I think they’re manufactured for comfort and not to turn on pedos.  Continue reading “Parents Say Bikini Onesie For Babies ‘Gives People The Wrong Idea’”