R. Kelly Owes Over $6 Million In Unpaid Taxes

TMZ recently uncovered an astonishing amount of debt for statutory rapist/urinator/R&B singer R. Kelly.

You can add 2011’s $1,379,695 to the nearly $5 million he owes in back taxes for 2005 through 2010. In total, the amount comes to $6,227,767.

How did this happen, besides the obvious answer of him just not caring, and thinking no one would notice?

His rep responded to the news, saying that his client “takes this very seriously” and is in the process of contacting the IRS to resolve the issue.

Maybe his upcoming “Single Ladies Tour will result in enough cash for him to come out of the closet and pay the fuck up, OR he’ll be prison cell neighbors with Wesley Snipes.

Lindsay Lohan Shut Out Of Chateau Marmont, Owes $46,000

Lindsay Lohan is closing on seven entire years of train wreck fame. After her early appearances on SNL and performance in the movie Mean Girls, she entered into the territory of being famous not for her talents, but for her repeated mistakes.

To confirm that she’s in complete denial of this, the freckled queen of immoral behavior got a Billy Joel lyric tattoo with the words “Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife I feel like I’m in the prime of my life” scrolling across her side.

Maybe if she spent more time proving that she belongs in the industry and less on TELLING us, she wouldn’t be in the news so much for things like owing Chateau Marmont $46,350 for a two-month stay.  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Shut Out Of Chateau Marmont, Owes $46,000”

Lindsay Lohan Owes A Tanning Salon $40,000

Tanning Vegas claims that Lindsay Lohan owes them $40,000 in unpaid tanning expenses from 2007 to 2009. A judge ordered her to pay the bill nine months ago and since she still hasn’t, they’re attempting to move the case from Vegas to California.

No matter how she tries to clean up her image, the past continues to haunt her…

She goes on SNL – her dad claims she was on prescription pills that she “doesn’t need.” Gets a job playing Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie with blind (and deaf) casting directors – this tanning news comes out (plus the Betty Ford assault thing).

Believe it or not, I don’t like judging people. I loved Lindsay in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. I have less of a problem with the drugs and the [possible] plastic surgery as I do with the NOT PAYING PEOPLE.  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Owes A Tanning Salon $40,000”

Janice Dickinson Evicted From L.A. home

What is that crazy talking plastic baseball bat Janice Dickinson up to lately? Why, getting evicted from her home of course! The supermodel and reality star (Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency was my favorite) reportedly owes $17,700 in back rent.

That’s three months of stiffed payments (at $5,900 a month) for her 3,000 square foot West LA home. Her landlords have filed a lawsuit, claiming that they gave her a three-day notice to pay or leave on May 7th and she ignored it.

Now they want her to cough up the money and get out. Does this not mirror Courtney Love’s eviction from her NY Townhome last year, but with less setting the drapes on fire, and she owed three times this amount.

If you look at it that way, Janice is responsible. A regular role model… to foster children and bugs.

Terminator’s John Connor (Edward Furlong) Is A Terrible Father

Edward Furlong, who was the second and possibly most memorable actor to play John Connor in the Terminator film series, owes over $15,000 in child support payments to his ex-wife Rachael Bella Kneeland.

This is one of many of Furlong’s public/shameful issues. Kneeland complained back in January that Furlong was a month behind on his payments to her, and asked for an increase in both spousal and child support.

She also attempted to “terminate” phone contact between their son, Ethan, and Edward, after he called her a “dragon” on the phone to Ethan, and mentioned that her new boyfriend was a wimp who “has a vagina…”

Continue reading “Terminator’s John Connor (Edward Furlong) Is A Terrible Father”