Pamela Anderson, Michael Keaton and Miley Cyrus All Got Naked This Week

Pamela Anderson boobs 2013Michael Keaton nakedMiley Cyrus monokini
Partially naked Pamela Anderson, Michael Keaton and Miley Cyrus are like the three Fun Dip flavors, except fewer people want to lick the stick for fear of hepatitis (from at least two of them, right?).

Here’s how this happened… Pro white mamba charmer Pamela Anderson posed for Brazilian Vogue, actually looking better at 45 than monokini Miley on the new cover of her “We Can’t Stop” single...
Miley cyrus borat swimsuit
Then Michael Keaton, the only acceptable Batman, jumped around Times Square in his undies while filming Birdman, co-starring Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Naomi Watts and Edward Norton.

I know your freaky ass is marrying Beetlejuice. But who do you f*ck and who do you kill?  Continue reading “Pamela Anderson, Michael Keaton and Miley Cyrus All Got Naked This Week”

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