Anna Faris Wears Costco Granny Panties

There’s almost no one funnier than Anna Faris. People want to say Jennifer Aniston is the new Lucille Ball, or Emma Stone.

The truth is, there’s plenty of room for actresses with excellent comedic timing. Anna is one of them.

For the May issue of Manhattan she tells a personal story of what comedy is to her. And it involves giant underwear!

“In college one of my jobs was as a receptionist, and during my lunch breaks I’d wander around the city. So, on this particularly beautiful day, I was out walking in a dress, wearing my backpack, feeling great. But then I realized I was attracting a lot of looks, really getting checked out, which really made me angry, although I bet I loved it, even if I wouldn’t admit it.”  Continue reading “Anna Faris Wears Costco Granny Panties”

Who Else Is Sick Of Seeing Justin Bieber’s Panties?

Certainly no one under the age of 15 is sick of seeing Justin Beiber’s flamboyant and non-matching undies, but I certainly am and I’m sure other people are too. I find it disturbing and vexing, not to mention completely unnecessary.

Plus I know he’s doing it as part of a trend, not a very current one though, I might add. He always been sort of a skater-wigger combination, and the baggy pants fit that.

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Wedding Dress Optional, With Victoria’s Secret ‘Bridal Line’

Victoria’s Secret have launched a new line of underwear aimed at women on their wedding day and specifically, their wedding night, as well.

Their campaign features model Lily Aldridge, (wife of Kings Of Leon frontman, Caleb Followill) posing in nothing more than a veil, bra, panties and garter.

Look, dresses are too expensive, hold your wedding in the summer, skip the Vera Wang and just wear this during your actual wedding!

The website shamelessly features items for your honeymoon, bachelorette party and wedding day/night.

Plus they use the slightly creepy tag “Sexy Little Bride.” (With a trademark symbol)

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Taylor Swift is Classy, Has Wardrobe Malfunction – Wears Underwear

Taylor Swift had a slight incident this past Saturday with some wind in St. Louis whilst performing her hit “You Belong With Me,” fortunately she was wearing sizable undies or Spanx or something, and handled the situation quite well, laughing it off and continuing to sing.

I quite enjoy belting out “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story” in my living room, great anthems to serenade your pets or imaginary friends with. Keep being classy Swifty.