Rihanna Remedies Mother’s Disapproval of Her Lack of Pants

Rihanna two pants After telling Elle UK all about her mother’s wrath over nude Instagram pics posted last December by best friend/personal assistant Melissa Forde, Rihanna has dropped the “Look ma, no pants!” act for double-stacked jeans.

The look was debuted at the launch of her River Island clothing line in London. Reminds me of the time Britney Spears wore a thong on the outside of her clothes in the “I’m A Slave 4 U” video. A few too many steps ahead of pulling your underwear up until you smell smoke from the friction fire in your genitals. It was a trend about as likely to spread as dark on light denim. She sort of makes it work. But who else could?  Continue reading “Rihanna Remedies Mother’s Disapproval of Her Lack of Pants”

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Washington Post makes a big deal about Paul Ryan’s big boy pants

The Washington Post devoted an entire article deconstructing the ill-fitting wardrobe of Will Schuester/BJ Novak love child, Paul Ryan.

If you weren’t captivated by his sexy villain eyes, Ryan’s suits tend to be two sizes too big. At a recent event at Walsh University, his shirt bunched up above his struggling belt and his khakis sagged like he was prepping for rhymes on 8 mile instead of rallying at a university.

“Perhaps his raw, slightly unkempt suit balances out Romney’s Snazzier, controlled appearance”. Ugh the WP should never use the term “snazzier”.  Continue reading “Washington Post makes a big deal about Paul Ryan’s big boy pants”

Who Else Is Sick Of Seeing Justin Bieber’s Panties?

Certainly no one under the age of 15 is sick of seeing Justin Beiber’s flamboyant and non-matching undies, but I certainly am and I’m sure other people are too. I find it disturbing and vexing, not to mention completely unnecessary.

Plus I know he’s doing it as part of a trend, not a very current one though, I might add. He always been sort of a skater-wigger combination, and the baggy pants fit that.

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Mickey Rourke Is Too Manly (Or Confused) For Pants

Mickey Rourke has got to be the biggest enigma in Hollywood. He really couldn’t give two shits about what anybody thinks about him. I admire that in a person, but it can also be scary and unpredictable. In this case it’s just cute and surreal.

So, he came out of an L.A. restaurant during the day wearing a shirt a hat a jacket and shoes but was sans pants. However, his white and surprisingly stylish non-tighty whitey underwear was visible.

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Kanye West Wants Us All To Dress Like R2D2, C3P0, And Carrie Bradshaw

Last night at a high school auditorium in Paris, France, Kanye West debuted his new women’s clothing line called “Dw By Kanye West,” possibly named after his mother?

The thing is, these clothes make no sense. I’m no expert, but it looks like what would happen if a girl shopped at both Forever 21 and Saks Fifth Avenue, and then wore  fragmented outfits from the two…

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