Paraplegic Aussie Mom Loves Being Duct Taped to Surfer’s Back

woman taped to surfer's back
So I’m scrolling through Facebook the other day and I see this post about an Australian woman who, after a severe car accident, can no longer use her legs. And I click on it and read that she always wanted to go surfing so her son’s friend offered to tape her to his back.

Call me crazy, but I cannot think of anything worse than being strapped to someone’s back on a strip of material that is less than two feet wide in a deep body of water. Oh and to top it off, I’m f*cking paralyzed.

So if he goes under, I go under. I’m putting all my faith in some kid who is probably crazy and, like all extreme sports people, secretly wants to die in a blaze of natural earth-related glory.  Continue reading “Paraplegic Aussie Mom Loves Being Duct Taped to Surfer’s Back”