Michelle Williams Is In The New Silent Hill Movie?

You’d be 100% right in second guessing me when I say that Michelle Williams is in Silent Hill Revelation 3D, because she’s a credible actress (then again, so is Milla Jovovich) who probably has too much integrity to accept such a meatless role.

If you saw the trailer you also wouldn’t be wrong in assuming the main character is played by Williams.

In actuality, the mysterious woman who stole Michelle’s face is Adelaide Clemens, an Australian actress who starred in the little known but critically acclaimed television series Love My Way and had a very small part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as “carnival girl.” Continue reading “Michelle Williams Is In The New Silent Hill Movie?”

Funny Video: Paul Ryan’s Video Diary

Is it weird that this bad lip-reading video of Paul Ryan makes me like him even more?

Even knowing that he isn’t in a band called “Steak Baby” and would never say something like “It’s the Paul Ryan video diary WOOO party time!” I love him and his smooth, failed attempts to convince me that he can fix the deficit with his abs, blue eyes, and widow’s peak.

If only the vice presidential debates could compare to this video’s inclusion of Ryan’s Nickelback poster.

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [9-28-12]

The public preferred George Bush, to Mitt Romney by three percent. (Huffington Post)

Katy Perry is devastated over the death of ex-boyfriend Johnny Lewis. (Us Weekly)

Jay and Bey are spoiling Blue Ivy rotten with $800 shoes. (Pop Dust)

Lindsay Lohan personally relates to Elizabeth Taylor because of diamonds. (Gossip Cop)

“Not guilty,” says Amanda Bynes. (People)

David Bowie had to have someone hold his balls in Labyrinth. (Pajiba)

Snow White director and Kristen Stewart never slept together, only snogged. (Radar)

Liam Neeson spoofs the replacement refs and Taken on Jay Leno. (ohmyGAHH!)

Here’s That Shirtless Paul Ryan Picture You Were Looking For…

I know you’ve been Googling “Paul Ryan shirtless” every single day since Mitt Romney named the relatively young Republican his running mate. I also know why, at least if you’re a democrat. Forbidden fruit.

You feel guilty that you find Paul Ryan kind of attractive because you know his debt-cutting spiel is unrealistic, possibly even bogus.

Also, representing the darker side of politics, he likely does not support anything you believe in – Planned Parenthood, abortion, health care, lower taxes, gay rights, etc.

Your heart is torn, and cannot help believing in the simplicity of charm and natural good looks, even if they belong to that horrible dog abuser’s choice for Vice President.  Continue reading “Here’s That Shirtless Paul Ryan Picture You Were Looking For…”

Washington Post makes a big deal about Paul Ryan’s big boy pants

The Washington Post devoted an entire article deconstructing the ill-fitting wardrobe of Will Schuester/BJ Novak love child, Paul Ryan.

If you weren’t captivated by his sexy villain eyes, Ryan’s suits tend to be two sizes too big. At a recent event at Walsh University, his shirt bunched up above his struggling belt and his khakis sagged like he was prepping for rhymes on 8 mile instead of rallying at a university.

“Perhaps his raw, slightly unkempt suit balances out Romney’s Snazzier, controlled appearance”. Ugh the WP should never use the term “snazzier”.  Continue reading “Washington Post makes a big deal about Paul Ryan’s big boy pants”

Everyone Wants To See Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan In His Skivvies

On top of being compared to Sarah Palin due to his age (he’s 42) and good looks, the internet wants to see Mitt Romney’s running mate shirtless.

In fact, if you Google “Paul Ryan shirtless” images of Glee’s Matthew Morrison topless on the cover of Details Magazine come up, along with a bunch of other half-naked celebrities and sports figures.

Alas, no Paul Ryan.

We want a map of the abs, not his budget-cutting “Roadmap for America’s Future.”

TMZ even wrote that a source told them that he’s “totally ripped and has a six pack” and was featured on a list of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capital Hill, 2008.  Continue reading “Everyone Wants To See Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan In His Skivvies”