Gwyneth Paltrow is the World’s Most Beautiful and Hated Woman of 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow most beautifulGwyneth Paltrow was Hollywood’s “Most Hated Celebrity” just last week, a title that is being revisited because she is now being called the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine.

I don’t understand all the Gwyneth bashing. She seems to be disliked for talking about herself, as if it’s her fault that she’s only ever asked questions about her movies, healthy lifestyle and biblical fruit children.

Perhaps we could channel certain energies away from Kristen Stewart, Tom Cruise, Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow, who aren’t actually bad people, and focus on members of Westboro Baptist, or anyone who made “Free Jahar” trend on Twitter.

Is Gwyneth really so unlikable? As far as looks go, she has a nice smile and shiny gold hair.  Continue reading “Gwyneth Paltrow is the World’s Most Beautiful and Hated Woman of 2013”

Channing Tatum is Sexy And Everyone Knows it

Channing Tatum is really hard to dislike.

I desperately want to find something wrong with him, like maybe that he’s too aware of his sexiness, or that his nose is slightly large, but I’m reaching.

Tatum found out he was named the coveted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine (previously awarded to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Johnny Depp) while him and his wife were de-skunking their dog.

“My first thought was, ‘Y’all are messing with me. I told Jenna after we’d been in the bathtub washing our dogs,” he tells the mag.

Oh yeah, that’s his biggest flaw. HE’S NOT MARRIED TO YOU and your plan to meet him after spraying his canine friend didn’t work.  Continue reading “Channing Tatum is Sexy And Everyone Knows it”