Aaron Carter Fan Photobombs Fellow Fan With Epic Sour Face

Aaron Carter upset fan Breaking news: Aaron Carter has fans. Still.

At a concert in Louisville at Phoenix Hill Tavern, Carter brought a woman who willingly bought tickets to see him on stage to wish her a happy birthday. Now check out the jealous chick in the front row, on the left.

That’s the face I make when my boyfriend cooks brussel sprouts in the microwave and the opposite of the face I make when I think about how I was never into Aaron Carter and his shameful cover of “I Want Candy.”

The lemon-lipped girl who also willingly bought tickets to see Nick Carter’s little bro in concert wrote a special message in the comments section of the photo that was posted to the singer’s Instagram.

I’m the girl on the left looking pissed! Haha I wasn’t pissed I was SO happy!!  Continue reading “Aaron Carter Fan Photobombs Fellow Fan With Epic Sour Face”

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