Other R.E.M News – Michael Stipe’s Thingy (NSFW)

This news comes to me after the announcement of R.E.M’s breakup. But this is completely unrelated news, oddly.

I guess at the end of July Michael Stipe intentionally posted a picture of his 51 year-old “Man On The Moon,” so to speak.

The “picture” actually came in the form of a quick-flash video of Stipe’s everyday routine and home via Tumblr, titled “Confessions Of A Michael Stipe.”

For some reason he felt the need to include his naked hippie-shaft, in the vid. Please DON’T CLICK CONTINUE unless you’ve truly contemplated what you’re about to see…

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Miley Cyrus Looks Like a 12 Year-Old Mannequin In Prestige Magazine

Actually, on the cover, Miley looks like a microscopic 12 year-old Jennifer Aniston replica circa Friends, 2001.

Inside the issue she looks just a generic toddler who fell head-first into a cloud of makeup.

Not surprising since we know Asia, the magazine’s home country, is not only youth-obsessed, but aesthetically young as well.

For the October issue, the sixth anniversary of Prestige, Ms. Cyrus discussed her confusion. All 10,0000 pounds of it.

Or confused about how to NOT pose in the exact same thing that other high profile divas already rocked weeks earlier in Harper’s Bazaar. (Ahem, BEYONCE)…

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A Bunch Of Kim Kardashian Wedding Pics (Sigh)

Bajillions of pictures from Kim Kardashian’s wedding in Montecito, California, to Kris Humphries were released virally yesterday.

They’re all photos from the wedding and following party, featuring their huge Armenian booty family.

Plus notable guests like Vera Wang, Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Eva Longoria, Avril Lavigne, and Mario Lopez were there.

What can I say about these two that I haven’t already? Just looking at them freezes my brain…

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Blake Lively Nudes (In Case You Missed Them)

As you know, Scarlett Johansson‘s nude cell phone pics were recently released, and she’s now on a pointless quest to have them ALL removed from the internet, with a little help from the FBI.

We still all saw her naked, so I’m not sure how taking them off of a few high-profile websites will reduce their notoriety.

In light of that, I wanted to remind you all that Blake Lively ALSO had nudes stolen from her phone by a mischievious hacker that traipsed onto the web in March.

They are actually very similar to Scarlett’s. Same poofy crumpet nipples, and 3D-television booty. Click “continue” to view the Gossip Girl/The Town star’s NSFW/uncensored pictures…

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‘Fridging’ Is The New Planking

Yesterday Nicki Minaj and her fans created what could easily be the new “Planking.” (A trend that entailed lying face down arms to sides on top of mundane objects or high places)

“Fridging” started after the little pink bubblegum alien Ms. Minaj posted a glamour shot (above) of herself, halfway wedged in the refrigerator.

This sparked her fans to send pictures of themselves in the fridge via Twitter, including some celebs like MC Heems from Das Racist, plus an older picture of Snooki….

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Lady Gaga Sans Makeup For Harper’s Bazaar

For the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar Lady Gaga was photographed au naturel by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

We’ve already seen this look, a glimpse in the “Bad Romance,” and “You & I” videos not to mention her fashion-film series, also promoting “You & I.”

It’s something we are not used to. In general just when someone wears makeup all the time and you suddenly see them without, it can be a mild shock.

She looks like a member the Brady Bunch. (Not a bad thing at all)

Gaga shrugs off surprise at the recent nude-faced photos, saying,

“I don’t really view it as ‘natural.’ I think that artifice is the new reality. It’s more about just being honest and sincere to the core of what you do. Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.”

Christina Ricci and Nina Dobrev in Nylon Magazine

Christina Ricci is making her millionth career surge in the upcoming ABC 60’s pilot/stewardess show Pan Am AND in Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star, with Nick Swardson.

Completely separately, Nina Dobrev of Degrassi and Vampire Diaries was not only at the VMAs being shown in cut scenes as if she were the top cat in town, but was recently featured on the cover of Rolling Stone with two of her Vampire co-stars…

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Perseid Meteor Shower Pics For Space Nerds

NatGeo and Mike Hankey posted some great photos of the Perseid Meteor Shower, the one that people have been blowing up your Facebook over, check them out. (Above photo taken from aboard the International Space Station)

Here they are, as seen from both space and earth. The yearly meteor shower that took place during part of Friday and Saturday. (Above photo taken in Spain)

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Gavin DeGraw Could NEVER Date This Girl

So I’m sitting on my couch watching Jump Start on VH1 at 3:30 a.m. and some new Gavin DeGraw video pops up, first off, I didn’t know he was even still alive let alone releasing new music? I remember hearing his song “I Don’t Want To Be” and “Chariot” over and over and over in 2005, so naturally I was rather happy when his bizarre fedora-obsessed ass disappeared off the face of the earth. (He’s like Train, but worse)

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Kristen Stewart’s W Magazine Photos

Ever since I saw that atrocious horror movie The Messengers I’ve been a fan of Kristen Stewart’s, people only dislike her because of Twilight and the fact that she’s shy? What assholes.

In Stewart’s recent W Magazine spread, she’s looking vintage ummmm, help me name a 40’s actress that she resembles? Susan Hayward? Clara Bow? Elizabeth Taylor? Somebody who has their hair and eye makeup together.

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