Video: Ke$ha – “C’mon”

In the video for “C’mon,” Ke$ha is a lollipop-licking, pigtail-having magician moonlighting as a waitress who doesn’t give people coffee because she’s too pissed off about her boss sexually harassing her.

Apparently Ke$ha’s type = guys with beards, AND furries (read more about that HERE), as well.

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Hey Lady Gaga Show Me Your Teeth, Both Of ‘Em

Lady Gaga made an “appearance” in a short film that was played during her designer friend Nicola Formichetti’s Spring 2012 show for the French label Thierry Mugler, donning multi-colored pigtails and buck teeth.

The whole thing is just surreal. She looks like Jessica Rabbit, if Jessica Rabbit was actually an actual rabbit and human hybrid. Oh, and 12 years old…

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