Tina Fey Sells Two Original Series to NBC, Fox

tina fey gif mustacheAre you a Tina Fey fan? Of course you are, because Tina Fey is fucking hilarious.

So good news for everyone: the 30-Rock creator/star’s production company Little Stranger made two big sales this week, meaning we’ll be getting some more of that signature Tina Fey humor in the near future.

The first is a “Cheers-like comedy” that takes place on New York’s Fire Island and was picked up by NBC. The second, which was sold to Fox on Friday, is set around an all-women’s college that begins accepting men.

Fey likely won’t be on screen much, but the fact that she’s involved in the projects at all means they’ll likely be worth a watch. She’ll also be working with members of her 30 Rock team, including long time friend and 30 Rock co-executive producer Matt Hubbard.  Continue reading “Tina Fey Sells Two Original Series to NBC, Fox”

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‘The Ringer’ Vs. ‘The Secret Circle’ On The CW

The CW is pumping new content into the air at a more rapid rate than redneck teeth fall into whiskey bottles.

Not only did the first episode of all-star ANTM premiere, but their two thematic efforts, The Secret Circle (witches) and The Ringer (twins) aired.

Let’s be clear, BOTH shows are travesties and great examples of bad sets, casting and dialogue BUT if you have to watch one, The Secret Circle is much much more entertaining…

Continue reading “‘The Ringer’ Vs. ‘The Secret Circle’ On The CW”