Hayley Williams Goes Full Lavigne in ‘Still Into You’

Hayley Williams Still into youParamore‘s second single from their new album, the first since the departure of guitarist and drummer Josh and Zac Farro in 2010, looks exactly how it sounds…

Like Evan Rachel Wood got into a fight with Avril Lavigne inside a Wonka candy mixer.

All this in the video for “Still Into You,” the band’s proper departure from rock-inspired pop where Hayley Williams rebelliously rides around the house on a bicycle with her one remaining band member (and the new one) singing “I should be over all the butterflies but I’m into you.”  Continue reading “Hayley Williams Goes Full Lavigne in ‘Still Into You’”

Amanda Bynes Has An Easter-Themed Mugshot

This morning (3:00 a.m. exactly) was eventful for Amanda Bynes. In an unfortunate turn of events, the What I Like About You star sideswiped a police car, was pulled over and arrested for failing a sobriety test.

As you can see, her pink-haired mugshot arrives just in time for resurrection-of-Jesus-day.

Speaking of that, I was playing Draw Something last week with some random boy and when the word “easter” came up he draw three graves complete with morbid crosses and the words “He is risen” instead of a nice bunny.

Come on kid, Easter is like Halloween but without all the skeletons. It’s about chocolate and boiled eggs, not Jesus. And if the right letters had been there I would have guessed “dracula” for that drawing. WTH.  Continue reading “Amanda Bynes Has An Easter-Themed Mugshot”