Finally, Something That Can’t Fit Inside Vanessa Hudgens…

Vanessa Hudgens giant pizza A lot of things presumably fit inside of Vanessa Hudgens. The robots and monsters from Pacific Rim, cameramen, props from Spring Breakers, ice cream, Pet Sounds on vinyl, Nintendo GameCube, radiators, tape dispensers, Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgery… Human, foot, ping pong, basket, tennis and soccer balls…

Basically everything but Zac Efron and this giant pizza have been inside her. I mean look at that thing.

Surely whoever helped her make that mess in the background could eat it, but she just couldn’t without a stomach parasite and intermittent bathroom breaks. Right? Right.

Patrick Stewart’s Life is Now Complete

Patrick Stewart PizzaPatrick Stewart has succeeded in stage and film acting in both England and America, hosted Saturday Night Live when Hartman and Farley were cast members, was knighted by the Queen in 2010, and is about to be happily married to 35-year-old New York-based jazz singer Sunny Ozell BUT he’s never tasted pizza, until today.

“My first ever pizza “slice”. Please note: the authentic NY fold,” he wrote on Twitter.

Even with P-Stew’s impressive life record and badassery as a captain of the Starship Enterprise and mind-melding leader of non-evil mutants (not to mention his voice work on American Dad), I do not believe that his life was complete before tasting sweet, sweet triangular sauce and cheese on bread.
The Last Exorcism pizza gif
That creepy bitch from The Last Exorcism and Part II: We Thought It Was Over knows what’s up.

Funny Video: Pizzapartment

I eat at least three pizzas a day and never know where to put the leftovers. Sometimes, I just put them back in the oven for storage, in the bathroom on top of the toilet, or as a lid for my cat box.

This Pizza apartment thing might come in handy, if only I knew where the hell to actually buy it. Apparently a company called “Kitchen Directions Group” manufactured the product. Continue reading “Funny Video: Pizzapartment”

Taylor Swift’s G-Rated Date With A Kennedy

Taylor Swift has either suddenly become really good friends with Robert Jr.’s son Conor Kennedy, or they’re dating. They spent the entire weekend in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts and were photographed eating pizza together, laughing, and holding hands.

Sorry for the Disney-friendly nature of this story. I know you were expecting more news about Kristen Stewart banging old guys in Mini Coopers, but you’re out of luck. Taylor Swift drinking Coca-Cola on the beach with a Kennedy will have to suffice.

And what do we know about Conor Richardson besides that he’s the equivalent of American royalty? Well, the kid is 18 (looks 16), has curly hair, wears Hawaiian shorts and is cousin to Patrick Schwarzenegger, who Swift was linked to in early July. Continue reading “Taylor Swift’s G-Rated Date With A Kennedy”

Pizza Hut – From Hot Dogs To Cheeseburgers

Curse you Pizza Hut for withholding more exotic options from me and my fellow Americans!

First it was hot dog stuffed-crust in the UK and now in the Middle East it’s a ring of cheeseburgers circling a pile of beef and vegetables. From their website:

“Grilled mini cheeseburgers nestled in golden crown crusts. All in a pizza topped with beef, fresh tomato and lettuce, delightfully drizzled with Pizza Hut’s special sauce.”

Pizza Hut ME – with locations in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain – is also offering a chicken filet pizza as part of its Crown Crust Carnival.

Continue reading “Pizza Hut – From Hot Dogs To Cheeseburgers”

Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss

I love writing about gross food. You’d think it would all be American like the KFC Double Down (chicken-on-chicken-on-bacon sandwich) or Sloppy Joe Sideshots but some of it is actually foreign.

Like pork and seaweed donuts at Asian Dunkin’ Donuts locations or the latest, hot-dog-stuffed pizza crust at Pizza Hut UK! There it is, amidst perfectly bland choices like Cheesy Bites, Hawaiian and Pepperoni. “Succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust.”  Continue reading “Hot Dogs + Pizza Hut = Bliss”

Rihanna Is A Pizza Face

PizzaExpress, a gourmet pizza company operating out of England, have created musically-inspired pizzas that depict the faces of Rihanna, Madonna and Jimi Hendrix.

The stunt shows album covers by Rihanna (Loud) Madonna (True Blue) Jimi Hendrix (Kiss The Sky) and Jeff Buckley (Grace) and Bob Marley’s Legend.

The Madonna, Rihanna and Jimi Hendrix pies look great and very similar but the Bob Marley and random Jeff Buckley pizza really are unrecognizable…

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