Pregnancy Is Gross, Even If You’re Beyonce

Want to know what one of the most unrealistic and impossible things to achieve is?…Positive body image during pregnancy. Wanna know who managed it? You guessed it, the queen of R&B, Beyonce herself!

She clearly has no woes or negative thoughts about her visibly pregnant mid-section, so much so that she felt the need to accentuate it with a belly chain and a two-piece!

These pictures surfaced yesterday after her partner-in-sperm, Jay-Z, and her were on vacation on Hvar Island, in Croatia.

The “Run The World (Girls)” singer was beaming during last week’s VMAs, where she announced that she was pregnant, just as she’s beamily shining on her holiday in Europe, as seen in these photos.

Interesting “swimsuit,” I guess that solves the case of my great grandmother’s missing curtains…

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Beyonce Is Prego

Today Beyonce officially announced that she is in fact pregnant. She reportedly pointed and cupped her belly at the VMA Pre-Show AND before her performance of “Love On Top” she said,

“I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside me.”  (creepy)

Jay-Z And Kanye jumped all over the place… And later her agent confirmed the pregnancy to reporters.

This is her and Jay-Z’s first baby together. They were abruptly married in 2008 and have since led very normal lives as a duo, as normal as two of the biggest names in the industry can.

Rumors of Jay-Z’s infidelity have surfaced earlier this summer, somebody named Vashtie Kola claimed she was going to steal Jay away from Mrs. Beyonce Knowles. Sounds like an empty threat to me…

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