The Bling Ring Review: ‘Artsy’ Movie About Shallow Teenage Thieves Doesn’t Work

still from the bling ring cast
Sofia Coppola directs a movie about every three years, and each one prior to 2010’s Somewhere, which I didn’t see, was beautifully designed and disconnected in that way that we all are when we step into a crowd.

Sadly, the style Coppola applied in the Oscar-winning Lost in Translation simply doesn’t work in a film about morally corrupt, glamour-obsessed teens.

For months we’ve read about Emma Watson’s imitation of Alexis Neiers, who, with Nick Prugo, Rachel Lee and a few others, was convicted of burglarizing the homes of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan.

Coppola’s fifth feature film opens with fragmented conversations with Marc (Israel Broussard as Prugo), a nervous young man who doesn’t quite fit in, and continues on to his life at an alternative school in Calabasas where he almost immediately befriends Rebecca (Katie Chang as Lee, the bling ringleader).

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Emma Watson Watched ‘Pretty Wild’ ‘So Many Times’

Emma Watson Alexis Neiers
As a teenager I was obsessed with Sofia Coppola’s directorial debut, The Virgin Suicides, and then came the Harry Potter movies, and now, as an adult, I find myself voyeuristically fascinated by reality shows.

Obviously The Bling Ring, directed by Coppola, starring Emma Watson and based on Alexis Neiers from one of my favorite “bad” reality shows, Pretty Wild, is my kind of movie.

After reading various interviews with Watson about The Bling Ring, I started feeling like she was skirting the issue of who her character, Nicki, is actually supposed to be.
pretty wild poster
Watson FINALLY spoke candidly about Pretty Wild when a 16-year-old Rookie Magazine interviewer mentioned Pretty Wild and asked if she had received any feedback from Neiers.  Continue reading “Emma Watson Watched ‘Pretty Wild’ ‘So Many Times’”

Emma Watson Does Her Best Impression of a Dumb Girl in New ‘Bling Ring’ Clip

Emma Watson Bling RingSofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring is timely because it’s about not-terribly bright teenagers who are obsessed with fame and material possessions. Emma Watson plays “Nicki,” entirely based on Alexis Neiers, who spent one month in jail after robbing the homes of celebrities. (The real-life burglaries proved entirely too easy for the group of bored Hollywood kids, due to likes of Paris Hilton leaving the key to her house under a mat in front of the door.)

Watson as an entitled bitch with limited brain cells is a bit of a stretch, but she seems to do okay with the role in the new trailer.

The line “It all comes back to like, bad choices. Who you have as your friends,” is consistent with things said by Neiers on the reality show Pretty Wild, which chronicled her arrest, hearing and life at home with her two sisters and loopy mom who handed out five milligram tablets of Adderall at request. Continue reading “Emma Watson Does Her Best Impression of a Dumb Girl in New ‘Bling Ring’ Clip”

Trailer: The Bling Ring

A photo of Emma Watson in character for The Bling Ring surfaced nearly a year ago. In a new teaser for the movie about the infamous group of Cali teens who almost got away with ripping off celebs like Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan, Watson parties, drinks and makes provocative faces.

This is still worlds apart from, say, the bikini string-thing plot of Spring Breakers, where Disney stars like Vanessa Hudgens prance around naked for unproven director Harmony Korine.  Continue reading “Trailer: The Bling Ring”

Alexis Neiers Met Her Husband In AA

Pretty Wild star and member of the infamous Hollywood Hills burglars, Alexis Neiers, is disregarding the rule of not dating within AA.

She is newly wed, and met her Canadian husband in a group for addicts.

“We met in Alcoholics Anonymous, he’s six years sober,” she told E! News. “When I first came into the room, I was such a mess and I remember him staring at me from across the way. He kept his distance.”

After attending therapy for several months and returning to meetings, her future boytoy Evan Haines noticed the difference. “I came back and he saw the consciousness shift that I had developed. He asked me out for a month before I finally said yes.”  Continue reading “Alexis Neiers Met Her Husband In AA”

Tess Taylor Of ‘Pretty Wild’ Is A ‘White Girl Wasted’ For $$

If you haven’t seen the reality show Pretty Wild and you’re a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Bad Girls Club you need to right now (Netflix) because it was the perfect mixture of the two.

Equally inappropriate and wealthy sisters swooning over gangly troublemaker boys and doing mountains and mountains of heroin plus arguing with their mom, who has a whole boatload of eccentricities of her own. The heroin mountain bit was more of a behind-the-scenes thing, though there were pictures of it. Continue reading “Tess Taylor Of ‘Pretty Wild’ Is A ‘White Girl Wasted’ For $$”