Guy Named ‘Scott Wiener’ Proposes Public Nudity Ban in San Francisco

I’m flabbergasted by the local non-fixation on flapping foreskin and lady bumps in San Francisco, and even more surprised that a law that would require nudists to cover their buttholes and genitals in public areas might not pass because certain folks think it’s sucking the character out of their beloved naked city.

We have a thing in my state called the Oregon Country Fair that I was dragged to in 8th grade. Needless to say, the hippies are abundant. Translation: the effects of age on the fully exposed human body were quite visible to my young, horrified eyes.

It’s just not something you can’t look at.

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Occupy Portland Movement Inhabit SW Main Street (They’re With Stupid)

I desperately wanted to argue with members of the Occupy Portland movement early this morning on Facebook, but since they’re more stubborn than me and completely full of optimistic ignorance, I let it go. Here’s the deal, a bold group of 20 year-olds set up tents in two downtown Portland parks in honor of the Occupy Wall Street protests, which, let’s keep in mind, were inspired by the revolt in Libya.

How America could be perceived as even remotely as tortured as Libya is beyond me. How people could start a protest in honor of that seems even more heinous. Anyway, I was never against these people until today, I believe their intentions are good. But while they may be trying to bring awareness to important issues, that attention recently became completely negative.

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