Coming Soon to IMAX: Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Speech!

Queen Elizabeth red coatFirst the Pope joins Twitter, and now the Queen is in 3D. What’s next, The Celebrity Apprentice in space? The Guardian is reporting that Sky News (who have recently added 3D golf and soccer to their programming), will broadcast Queen Elizabeth II’s speech on Christmas day in 3D.

“What’s the highlight of her speech? Like she’s going to give one hand gesture and people will be like ‘Remember when the hand came at you?'” Chelsea Lately round table member Ryan Stout wondered.

A spokeswoman for the palace said The Queen “agreed straight away” and needed no convincing to have her likeness glaring and waving her finger in an extra dimension on Jesus’ birthday.  Continue reading “Coming Soon to IMAX: Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Speech!”

The Queen Is About To Bust A Cap Over Kate Middleton’s Nude Sunbathing Photos

Like all [Disney] princesses before her, real-life British royalty Kate Middleton is now involved in a scandal of epic proportions.

A French gossip rag called Closer has released exclusive photos yesterday of Kate letting it all hang out at Chateau d’Autet in Provence.

Maybe Middleton, wife of Prince William (brother of naked Vegas troublemaker Harry), should ask Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan for help. American versions of princesses, fallen from grace, spat into a harsh, highly scrutinized reality.  Continue reading “The Queen Is About To Bust A Cap Over Kate Middleton’s Nude Sunbathing Photos”

Queen Elizabeth Is Ridin’ Dirty In A Range Rover

Used to seeing Queen Elizabeth II in pastel frocks with matching hats and gloves? We all are.

The woman uncommonly known as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary shed her queen attire on the way back from a hunt in Balmoral in exchange for what the internet is calling a “hoodie.”

She hasn’t been a princess since 1952, but she’s getting her badass on like a rebellion-fueled youth of royal lineage, photographed by the Scottish press in a Land Rover looking like a weathered gangster that you still don’t want to fuck with.  Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth Is Ridin’ Dirty In A Range Rover”