Nick Cannon is Mariah Carey’s Easter Bitch

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Easter

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey‘s most embarrassing moment by far came to us on Easter Sunday via Mariah’s Instagram and I keep wondering if she tricked him into it, or if he volunteered.

I can see her saying “Honey, let me lay on top of you with a glass of champagne” without mentioning that she’d be wearing sexy bunny ears while he went full White Rabbit in a children’s production of Alice in Wonderland.

Nick is Mariah’s bitch all year round, but we only see proof on holidays. (He’ll be wearing a diaper and holding a silver rattle by Mother’s Day.)

Happy Easter, But Please Don’t Adopt A Bunny

I don’t often use my website as an outlet for anything that isn’t skin-deep but I have to urge all the parents out there not to acquire rabbits, chicks or ducklings this Easter for your kids.

Every year thousands of bunnies are picked up by semi-loving but witless parents who are stupid enough to think that taking care of a live animal won’t be a bit of work.

Most abandon them, which either leads to mass overcrowding at pet adoption centers, euthanization, or domesticated rabbits in the wild.

People actually have no idea how sensitive and high-maintenance these creatures really are. Their digestive systems are weak and their diet consists mainly of hay and NOT carrots, as many believe. Continue reading “Happy Easter, But Please Don’t Adopt A Bunny”

Behold! The Sheep-Herding Rabbit

A Swedish rabbit named Champis is drawing a lot of attention to him and his owner for his sheep-herding talents.

Skills that he learned from watching his canine brother.

Champis’s owners, Greta and Nils-Erik Vigren are thrilled and surprised at his gift and success.

The video of him aggressively herding to the song “Run Rabbit Run” by Flanagan and Allen is, like the majority of talented/baby animal videos, a big hit.  Continue reading “Behold! The Sheep-Herding Rabbit”