Funny Video: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #3

Jimmy Kimmel released his third “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment on Tuesday to commemorate the six-year anniversary of Twitter existing.

The first two featured recent guests like Justin Bieber, Anna Faris, Snooki, Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry reading grammatically questionable Tweets attacking their character, appearance, and/or career.

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Read Angelina Jolie’s Intro To Billy Bob Thornton’s Book

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Billy Bob Thornton is a more than adequate writer, he did pen scripts for Sling Blade and the underrated psychological mystery The Gift. He’s also an accomplished songwriter, with four albums under his belt.

His new book of recorded conversation, The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts (released May 15) features an introduction by none other than his former wife of two years, Angelina Jolie. So they’re on good terms? Who knew they were on any terms at all?

The book begins with Thornton’s childhood in Arkansas. On Jolie, he talks about her being too good for him and tells the Huffington Post that it was “like the janitor marrying Audrey Hepburn.”

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Says ‘I Messed Up’ In Mass Email

Though they were once at the top of their game, Netflix has come under a lot of scrutiny lately.

They are being criticized for raising prices significantly, losing Starz content, splitting the company into two parts (Qwikster, the new subsidiary) and generally being douchebags.

At least he’s sort of getting what he deserves, in the form of massive backlash (25,000 comments on their blog) AND a stock plummet. (Check out the 5-day stock chart, bottom left)

The most douchebaggy thing I can think of? Apologizing for something that you blatantly don’t plan on changing.

That’s exactly what Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO, is doing.

He recently sent out a very fearful letter, apologizing for the price increase in August ($8.99 to $15.98 for streaming and DVD-by-mail) and explaining all the changes…

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