Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn And The Case Of The Naked Phone Drama

Trying to match chest snapshots to the faces of famous actresses is clearly a case for Nancy Drew and I think Nancy would say, those pictures of Christina Hendricks are probably real.

On Sunday Olivia Munn and Hendricks both suffered nude photo leaks, all at the hands of a merciless hacker. The problem is, both sets contain a few pictures of JUST BOOBS and no face which is very problematic for plagiarism sticklers. The headless ones of Munn are almost certainly fake but ginger jones is another story.

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Real-Life Mario Karts, By West Coast Customs

Too many things to ask for as a Christmas present. First I wanted a white Nicki Minaj barbie, then a Shakira Live In Paris concert DVD, now I know for sure that I actually want a life-sized Mario Kart.

There are actually two, one modeled after Luigi’s bee car and one after Mario’s more traditional kart. Of course I want Mario’s, Luigi was never anyone’s first choice. These working models were built by West Coast Customs, displayed at the LA Auto Show in late November.

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Hugh Jackman Forgot To Fake His Wrestling Move?

WWE Wrestler Dolph Ziggler claimed that at an event that Hugh Jackman appeared at, to promote his new robotic-Rocky boxing movie Real Steel, the actor punched him for real in his jaw.

Ziggler posted several Tweets mentioning that he had to get an MRI and possibly sustained a hairline jaw fracture after Jackman punched him during Monday Night Raw.

TMZ is reporting, however, that Ziggler made the whole thing up…

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