AMC’s ‘Immortalized’ is the Stuff of Nightmares

Immortalized taxidermy
AMC has come a long way since the days of purely spaghetti western and Halloween movie programming. Alas, their recent foray into reality television is sending them in the other direction.

The leaps and bounds of original shows like Mad Men and The Walking Dead might make up for crap like Freakshow and Comic Book Men, but can they take enough steps forward to exonerate a new taxidermy competition show?

On Thursdays, AMC airs Immortalized, where a group of individuals are showcased for their ability to sew dead animals together in a unique and artistic way. Gross, right? Continue reading “AMC’s ‘Immortalized’ is the Stuff of Nightmares”

Courtney Stodden Takes Auto-Tune All The Way in ‘Reality’

Courtney Stodden Reality still In the new music video for her first official single “Reality,” Courtney Stodden makes out with a James Spader knockoff and hires Lady Gaga’s egg guys to carry her around like a dead Egyptian queen during a burial ceremony.

The whole project was likely funded using money Courtney found under her husband‘s do-rag. But how much can it really cost to turn up the auto-tune to a screechy 10 every time she says “Control” while writhing around on a pile of half-chewed lollipops?

I’m thinking she paid off the entire cast and crew with porta potty sex, all the while lecturing them about her lack of plastic surgery. “I’m as natural as a Ball Park hotdog,” she’d say.  Continue reading “Courtney Stodden Takes Auto-Tune All The Way in ‘Reality’”

Jonas Brothers Reality Coming Soon To E!

I’m sure that news of a Jonas Brothers reality show peaks your interests to the max. I’m not interested in giving my five readers a heart attack, so proceed with caution.

Headlines read “Move Over Kardashians” after word of a Jonas show on the E! Network hit the web. Sources call the Disney princesses prince’s show a “family” effort that is set in New York.

Nick Jonas (the one with diabetes) will probably be followed around as he performs on Broadway in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. 

Kevin (the elder one who ironically looks the most like a baby with sideburns) will likely be filmed with his wife, Danielle Deleasa.  Continue reading “Jonas Brothers Reality Coming Soon To E!”

Meet The New Cast Of ‘The Real World: San Diego’

The Real World is one of the longest running reality shows I can think of, if not the longest (Since 1992) and is perhaps responsible for the reality-television craze.

I don’t know when the show became a terrible sex-crazed stupidity contest, it used to be emotional, sometimes comedic, yes but meaningful.

The show dealt with important issues, such as aids, homelessness, political differences and homophobia. But that was in the 90’s, when everything was better…

Continue reading “Meet The New Cast Of ‘The Real World: San Diego’”