Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [12-10-12]

Fat Girls receipt
The waiters at Chilly D’s in Stockton will call you fat for eating a third batch of fries. (Gawker)

“Stay” is probably Rihanna’s favorite slow song from Unapologetic. (Popdust)

Paul McCartney forgot his cue at the Olympics because he’s 70. (Huffington Post)

No makeup and gray hair = Fiasco for Adam Lambert. (ohmyGAHH!)

Lea Michele thinks her boobs have emotions, refers to them as “prizewinners.” (Evil Beet)

Decorating your tree in red, bum-baring undies again, are we, Mario Lopez? (E! Online)

Family of nurse who committed suicide after hospital prank speak out, DJs apologize. (Daily Mail)

Texas Restaurant Gives Two-Cent Discount To The ‘Best Butt’

The Texas restaurant Twisted Root‘s Richardson location is offering two-cent discounts to women with nice butts, and another two-cents if they’re good-looking [in the face?] as well.

An employee at the famously zany burger joint posted the above receipt to Reddit with the message, “I work at Twisted Root! We have these random discounts we can give out for fun.”  Continue reading “Texas Restaurant Gives Two-Cent Discount To The ‘Best Butt’”

Papa John’s Worker Types Racist Slur On Customer’s Receipt

A Papa John’s location in New York fired one of their employees after catching wind of the name they gave an Asian customer, Minhee Cho, on her receipt.

She posted photographic evidence of the words “lady chinky eyes” on her Twitter, which caused an uproar of (mostly) outraged comments directed at Papa John’s.

Did the pizza cashier really think she wouldn’t notice or that there would be no repercussions? Were they really THAT bored? I mean besides being a racist idiot. I hate to think of what they’d have typed if she’d been black or hispanic?

Continue reading “Papa John’s Worker Types Racist Slur On Customer’s Receipt”