Two Shirtless Chili Peppers, Manning Memes and Other Super Bowl Revelations

Bruno Mars Red hot chili peppersBruno Mars’ highly energetic albeit short Super Bowl performance silenced critics on Sunday and was definitely the best, most memorable thing to come from the event.

There were bets on how many Peppers would be wearing shirts, and you’d be absolutely frankentarded to not guess two, seeing as Anthony and Flea are as likely to be shirtless as Peyton Manning is to be as stiff in the passing pocket as a corpse that overdosed on Viagra.

A map showing who was rooting for who during the big game has surfaced, showing that a staggering majority of Americans (besides in Oregon, Washington and Alaska) were crying disappointed tears into their hot wings, pizza and beer last night.  Continue reading “Two Shirtless Chili Peppers, Manning Memes and Other Super Bowl Revelations”

Video: Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Look Around”

Such a busy week for 90s bands (technically 80s, but who’s keeping track) Jane’s Addiction and RHCP in one week. Pearl Jam and STP should follow suit.

It’s kind of like Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song” met ‘N Sync’s “Pop” video and had a rock ‘n’ roll baby. Wait a second, did Avril Lavigne just crawl out of Anthony’s refrigerator? I take it back, this is still mainstream. Continue reading “Video: Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Look Around””

Who The Hell is That Guy On The RHCP Rolling Stone Cover?

Fans of The Red Hot Chili Peppers know it’s certainly not John Frusciante, who left the band in late 2009, it’s their new lead guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer.

Klinghoffer looks extremely out of place on the Rolling Stone cover, and with the band in general, since he’s 31 years old, looks 24, with a creepy Tarantino-esque grin, he seems like he’d belong in a group like Modest Mouse.

Singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea and Will Ferrell lookalike/drummer Chad Smith are all just under 50 years old. (48,48 and 49)

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