Pregnancy Gave Drew Barrymore a Red Goatee

Drew Barrymore goatee Are you afraid to have a child because you can’t imagine being able to afford industrial gobs of cocoa butter, therapy, diapers, vaginoplasty and tiny containers of apple sauce? Well, add hair removal to that list. Drew Barrymore grew a beard while she was pregnant with her daughter, and so could you.

“I got a wonderful little goatee, and it was red! I also got hyperpigmentation on my cheeks,” Barrymore told In Touch.

Hair removal and a ton of powder for when your face turns into a poppy seed muffin. Good luck passing the drug test.

What’s Going On With Charlie Sheen’s Neck?

I should probably feel bad about writing an article on Charlie Sheen‘s HD neck wrinkles in the aftermath of the Colorado shooting. But, I’m only human and can’t stop the flow of “news” stories.

Sheen has been making the rounds, promoting his new show Anger Management (which I hear is a lot like Two And A Half Men minus one and a half of the men).

On Thursday night he visited Jimmy Kimmel looking quite refreshed, except for one thing – his neck. It’s like he’s transferred all the years of drugs, alcohol, stress and vigorous goddess sex out of his face and into the equatorial place where his torso meets his head.  Continue reading “What’s Going On With Charlie Sheen’s Neck?”

The Many Wigs Of Kim Kardashian

In episode three of Keeping Up with The Kardashians season seven titled “Everybody’s Wigging Out,” Kim predictable and calmly loses her mind [for television] because of post-traumatic divorce stress.

Khloe tells her over the phone to not dwell on it and to have fun, saying “You gotta just do some silly and outrageous, like, kooky things that will take your mind off of this kind of stuff.”  Continue reading “The Many Wigs Of Kim Kardashian”

Lindsay Lohan Converts Back To Gingerism

Lindsay Lohan finally took everyone’s advice! She dyed her hair red, just like it was back in 2009 and before.

Does this have anything to do with paparazzi confusing her with Blondie’s Deborah Harry who is 41 years her senior?

That whole debacle did have a lot to do with both of them staying at the Mercer Hotel in New York.

After Lindsay’s SNL gig photogs that were camped outside saw a hooded woman with blonde hair and made the assumption.

On the other hand, it does speak to the fact that Lindsay looked older than Sharon Stone, dead Bela Lugosi and the pyramids of Giza.

The Saturday Night Live costume/makeup people knew to put red and brunette wigs on her and now when I look at her I no longer have to pretend that there is a lingering semblance of the Mean Girls from my memory. Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Converts Back To Gingerism”