Reese Witherspoon Loves Oregon

Reese Witherspoon oregon premiereFire hydrant-sized actress Reese Witherspoon recently re-visited Oregon for the premiere of Wild, written by local author Cheryl Strayed. Witherspoon called the state a “second home” and praised the beauty of filming locations like Bend, Crater Lake and the adorable Shakespeare-loving community of Ashland and Portland restaurants Tasty n Alder and Pok Pok.

“It was so great to shoot Cheryl Strayed’s story in Oregon,” Witherspoon said. “When I talked to Jean-Marc Vallee I said I wanted this to be a love letter to Oregon — the beautiful vistas, the mountains, the water. I felt like it was so important that people see how beautiful the state is.”

That’s so Portland: Laura Dern (of Jurassic Park and Enlightened fame), who plays Witherspoon’s mother in Wild, was was presented a box of Voodoo Donuts. Aww.

Georgia Authorities Arrest Reese Witherspoon For Disorderly Conduct *UPDATE*

Reese Witherspoon mugshotSouthern belle Reese Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct at 3:30 a.m. on Friday.

The adorable actress was reportedly handcuffed because she refused to stay in the car after her husband and agent, James Toth, was pulled over for a DUI in Atlanta.

Cops in Georgia are real douchebags. I mean, Reese is 5’1″ and couldn’t hurt a fly even if she wanted to. It doesn’t matter if she jumped out of the car with a machete yelling about severed heads.

TMZ says she tried to play up her celebrity status, yelling “Do you know my name?” and “You are going to be on national news” to avoid getting in trouble.

You do not simply arrest Reese Witherspoon. Her and Kristin Chenoweth are off limits. He should have just fed her a Snickers and ran.

UPDATE: The man who arrested her wrote in the report that she hung her head out the window and yelled that she was didn’t believe he was a “real police officer.”

Reese has released a statement saying she “clearly had one drink too many” and is “deeply embarrassed.”

Robert Pattinson Is Hiding Inside Reese Witherspoon

In case you’re interested in what’s going on with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, they’re both hanging out with their respective Hollywood mothers.

Pattinson with a very pregnant Reese Witherspoon at her vacation home and Stewart with her role model and onscreen Panic Room mom, Jodie Foster.

The pair are reportedly talking via text message, despite the fact that he moved out of the L.A. home they shared after her shameful public apology (she’s staying with her parents, about 25 miles away). What do you think him and Reese Witherspoon are talking about?  Continue reading “Robert Pattinson Is Hiding Inside Reese Witherspoon”

Justin Bieber Is Obsessed With The Movie ‘Fear’

You know that movie from 1996 where Sarah McLachlan cuts off Mark Wahlberg’s head and shoves it through a doggy-door after he harms an innocent German Shepard? Fear. That’s the one.

Alright, that’s not exactly what happened but I really hate reminiscing about movies with notorious animal-torture scenes so I just replace those memories with images of Canada’s melodic sweetheart and supporter of the ASPCA kicking human ass and taking names.

Preferably with a machete. Or a plate of poutine balanced on a machete tied to a hockey stick with a handle wrapped in discarded liner notes from Surfacing.

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