Game Trailer: SimCity (It’s Back, In 3D!)

Holy scheisse! SimCity is coming back after a nine year absence, a hole that could not be filled by the RPG fun of Oblivion and Skyrim or the shooter violence of Halo or Call Of Duty. I needed simulation and strategy, industrial, commercial, residential, UFO devastation and FIRE!

The latest installment from EA/Maxis will not hit shelves until 2013, and while it’s not for the console generation it is the first real 3D entry in the series. Players will have more customization options, missions, specialties and even co-op functionality.

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Florence + The Machine Sophomore Album Details

The highly anticipated second album from Florence Welch and her machine, Ceremonials, is due out on October 31 (Halloween!) in the UK.

From the song titles, stuff like “All This And Heaven Too,” the name of the LP seems to really fit. It seems very spiritual, but not preachy, I’d assume. The red-headed Bohemian fairy would never do that to me…

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Mick Jagger’s SuperHeavy “Miracle Worker” Video

Mick Jagger is in a new supergroup simply called SuperHeavy which features Joss Stone and Damian Marley. I didn’t expect to listen to it past the 10 second mark (well actually the song doesn’t even start till the 51 second mark, so I was forced regardless) but it’s actually pretty good. I’m a sucker for reggae though so maybe that’s how they tricked me.

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Austin Powers is Coming Back!

Reports of another Austin Powers movie surfaced as early as 2008, but it was just confirmed by Hitfix that Austin Powers 4 is a go and will star Mike Myers. Don’t get too excited for more Fat Bastard sex scenes or Dr. Evil quotables, they are not expecting the film’s release until 2013.

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